San Marino’s 1 in 360: Gloria, Miguel and Julian have more than 74,000 votes each in 2nd wildcard


As we enter the final weekend of voting for the second wildcard of 1 in 360, only a handful of artists remain in contention. Of the 557 uploaded entries, only 19 have more than 3,000 votes. But more importantly, only three have more than 74,000 votes, suggesting that they are the three to watch this weekend.

The last time we checked in Gloria Zaccaria from Italy led with 28,571 votes, while Miguel Vincente from Spain had 26,191 and Julian Lesinski from Poland had 10,294. But by Friday at 13:30 GMT the three acts had drawn to a veritable deadlock, with each claiming more than 74,000 votes a piece. Every vote counts and you can still make the difference.

Please note: The votes are changing quickly and constantly, so the numbers below will, no doubt, be slightly off by the time you read this.

1 in 360: Second Wildcard Leaders

1. Gloria Zaccaria — Italy (77,903 votes)

Gloria makes the most of the Italian language, showing off its beauty as she rolls through her song with confidence and vim. She’s emotional for sure, but it’s controlled and never over-the-top. A well-produced video with a handsome mister doesn’t hurt either.

2. Miguel Vincente — Spain (77,359 votes)

One of the shorter videos in the selection, Miguel’s “Alone” sees him sitting alone and playing his guitar. And while his strumming isn’t necessarily wowing us, his intensity is. He is staring straight into our souls!

3. Julian Lesinski — Poland (74,454 votes)

If you like Charlotte Perrelli then you’re going to love Julian. Taking on the Eurovision winner’s song “Hero”, he adds masculinity to a schlager classic — slowing it down and lowering the pitch. He’s seriously feeling it, which makes us feel it too.

4. Tom Leo Tanguy-Wiart  — France (68,495 votes)

Still within striking distance of the top three is Frenchman Tom, who sings of “teardrop rain” — which suggests the man knows heartache. Tom’s got a fab voice — it’s slightly husky and thoroughly sexy. Plus he’s got a nice lyric video to boot.

After those four, the gap in votes really widens…

5. Dario Mifsud Bonnici — Malta (31,082 votes)

Dario hits the parking garage and the rooftops of Malta in this video of contrasts which celebrates his undying love for a special someone. It’s heartfelt and wouldn’t sound out of place in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. “If you’re home I just hope that you’re sober, is it time to let go now that you’re older?…Will you call me to tell me you’re alright ’cause I worry about you.”

6. Stavros Pilichos — Greece (24,443 votes)

Stavros covers Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like a Phoenix” and pours passion into his three minutes, which he pairs with images of himself in the studio and standing in nature. He’ll need to work on his enunciation, but his neatly 25,000 votes suggests people don’t mind the slip-ups. Keep on rising!

7. Marcus Reischmann — Germany (23,931 votes)

Singing “Higher Window”, Marcus works the lower register before taking us higher. Filmed in black and white, he’s ready to tug on heartstrings.

8. Yana Gloushak — Russia  (23,081 votes)

WOW! Competing on Got Talent, Ms. Gloushak proves herself to be a proper diva, nailing her cover of Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls.

9. Mac Zavadsky — Poland (21,012 votes)

An electro-banger filmed on the beach, Mac is serving blonde ambition. He’s got the look and he’s got some production behind him.

10. Hllary Smile — Italy (14,820 votes)

She’s an adorable popstrel with major swag and a funky-and-cute music video. If the Mickey Mouse Club had a bad girl it would be Hllary (no I) Smile.

11. Camilla Dentale — Italy (13,315 votes)

A soul-jazz singer, Camilla isn’t afraid to put it all out there, as you can see in this live performance. “I just feel so good, so real,” she sings. “But right now I just feel cold, so cold, right down to my bones.” Well her voice is warming us right up.

12. Jessika — Malta  (11,256 votes)

One of our favourite Maltese singers who hasn’t yet sung at Eurovision, Jessika is here and ready to slay. A new entry to the Top 18, we’re pasting her video below so you can appreciate her in all her glory.

13. Sofya Angel-Barokko — Russia (11,112 votes)

Her strength isn’t in her voice, but instead her unique delivery, which sounds like a musical cat in heat. Her quirky style — purple wig, angel wings, and dramatic eyes — would give San Marino something to talk about.

14. Sebastian Calleja — Malta (5,560 votes)

The slick Maltese singer covers Elton John’s “Candle In the Wind 1997” (released in honour of the late Princess Diana). Staring into the camera and demonstrating his sonorous tones, he deserves to be high on this list — lovely voice!

15. Domenico Caringella — Italy (5,476 votes)

Domenico has talent — and you need to hear it. It’s no easy feat covering Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” — we’ve probably heard a million versions. But this Italian stallion manages to stand out from the crowd with his soulful voice, passion and some very effective beating of his chest. The video is thoughtful, showing five different cuts of him simultaneously covering the track. He may be #15 in this wildcard vote, but surely he deserves consideration for the live shows anyway? Watch this space.

16. Panagiotis Mademlis — Greece (5,432 votes)

Singing an original song called “Cure & War”, Panagiotis wears all white, accompanied only by a woman translating his song into sign language. He has an ability to hit those high notes — and an eye-catching tattoo on his left foot.

17. Maika Barbero — Spain (4,287 votes)

Fresh from her appearance in the final of Spain’s Objetivo Eurovision in the spring, Maika has also leapt into the Top 18 since we last reviewed the standings. The performance shows off her sexy-gritty voice and is among the finest videos we’ve seen of her. As she is new to the Top 18, we’ll also paste her video below.

18. Raylan Arbizu — Spain (4,029 votes)

Unleashing his inner cowboy, Raylan slips into denim, tips his head back and sings about a woman he used to love “so bad”. The liquor, he says, helps him forget jor name, jor face, jis pain I can’t erase.

19. William and Deban — United Kingdom (3,263 votes)

Throwing ourselves fully into our Eurovision 2017 mash-up, we’re channeling the spirit and fun of the competition. And while we’ve known from the beginning we have zero chance of winning the wildcard, we’re still singing for love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Plus Tijana Bogicevic has promised to be our backing vocalist!

Do you think the three front-runners have a strong chance of advancing to Eurovision if they win the wildcard? Do any of the favourites compare to the first wildcard winner Emma? Let us know in the comments box below.


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