Singing show shocker: Anouk makes The Voice of Holland history by eliminating both battle contestants


She’s the woman who brought the Netherlands back into the A-league at Eurovision 2013. However, after the latest edition of The Voice Of Holland, the Dutch public’s love for Anouk may be tempered just a bit.

The “Birds” songstress is one of four coaches on the current season of the show, and during this weekend’s battle round she was tasked with choosing her team for the live shows. However, she was not impressed by the talent on offer.

For their battle, Nina ten Kate and Nikita Pellencau tackled Clean Bandit’s Zara Larsson collaboration “Symphony”. And Voice custom dictates that their coach — Anouk — would pick one of them to progress. But in a shock twist, she sent both aspiring popstars home — a first in the series’ eight year history!

Anouk sends both her singers home

The Sad Singalong Songs artist already has a reputation as a tough cookie — she’s frenemies with both Ilse De Lange and Trijntje Oosterhuis.

And on Friday she took that reputation to a whole other level. She did not hold her tongue.

“I did not think it was spectacular”, she said of the pair’s battle, “I thought it was a bit boring”.

The star commended Nina for being “super sweet” before describing her vocals as “below par”.

On the contrary, Nikita was told that her “voice is there”. But she declared that the young hopeful’s performance was “bad”  and “not good enough”.

The two contestants along with Anouk’s fellow panellists and the studio audience looked on in shock as she proceeded to send both ladies home. Cue dropped jaws across the nation.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was another twist to come.

One of the three remaining judges swooped in to rescue one of the eliminees. And it was Waylon — 50% of Eurovision 2014’s the Common Linnets and the Dutch representative for Lisbon 2018.

He decided to ‘steal’ Nikita Pellencau, so she is still in the game. Nina ten Kate‘s The Voice of Holland journey is over.

The reactions on Twitter were mixed. Some praised Anouk’s honesty and courage while others threw some not so nice comments her way.

What do you think? Was Anouk right to send her two pupils home or did she go too far? Let us know in the comments below. 

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picture: The Voice of Holland