Eurovizijos Atranka 2018: LRT confirms Gabrielius Vagelis, Mia, Ieva Zasimauskaite and others


On January 6 Nacionaline Eurovizijos Atranka — Lithuania’s quest to find its new artist for Eurovision 2018 — will set off full speed ahead. And today broadcaster LRT revealed some of this year’s participating acts, who include several returning artists — some of whom have tried their luck multiple times before.

This year more than 50 acts will battle for the preselection crown. And just like last year songwriters could submit songs without singers in mind, and then singers without songs could choose from those that had been submitted. Think Tindr, Grindr,, etc….but for songs that need to be loved.

Erica Jennings

She’s not a new name to Eurovision fans as she already represented Lithuania with the group “Skamp” in 2001. They placed 13th overall and it remains one of the better results for Lithuania to this day. Erica will no doubt be hungry for victory. In the 2016 preselection she took “Leading Me Home” all the way to second place. This year she applied with two very strong songs, but in the end she chose only one called “Truth”. Will the song, written at the time Erica was pregnant with her baby daughter, set her free? We’ll find out next year.


Another popular singer, Mia has already tried her luck in the Eurovizijos Atranka three times before. She hasn’t yet revealed her song for 2018, but Mia has a large fan base who will help her as they have in the past, when she twice reached the final round. Last year wasn’t as smooth: she failed to reach the final with her song “Sacrifice”. Maybe it’s a matter of fourth time lucky?

Gabrielius Vagelis

Last year Gabrielius achieved his best result in Lithuania’s selection, placing fifth in the final.

He earned a lot of attention for his avant-garde styling and lyrical voice. He hasn’t yet released his song, but, as ever, look for him to surprise.

Ieva Zasimauskaite

She’s a beautiful woman with a lyrical, emotional style. And while she didn’t manage to reach the final last year with her song “You Saved Me”, she’s slowly and steadily built up a loyal fan base.

The question is whether she has a song to reach out and grab those who don’t yet know her.

The other artists who were confirmed for this year’s Eurovizijos Atranka are: Kotryna Juodzeviciute, Rasa Kausiute, Egle Jakstyte, Donata Virbilaite, Greta Zazza, Silvija Pankunaite, Vidas Bareikis, Jurgis Bruzga, Robertas Kupstas, El Fuego, The Roop, EGO and Saules Kliosas.

Paula, another fan favourite, has publicly confirmed her participation with the Lithuanian media.

The ongoing chatter about Donny Montell and his collaboration with SEL still hasn’t been confirmed (although many have interpreted it as happening owing to earlier comments by the two). It’s still very much a question if Donny will try his luck to win Eurovizijos Atranka for the third time.

What do you think about these confirmed artists? Are you excited to see who will represent Lithuania at Eurovision? And will Donny Montell be back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.