Poll: Which song in the first semi-final of Eesti Laul 2018 is your favourite?


It’s been an exciting couple of days in Estonia! Whilst some of the Eesti Laul 2018 songs were released early, we finally got to hear all 20 songs this week. Not only that, we found out which songs would compete in which semi-final.

Y’all have had some time to listen to the songs from the first-semi final now, and we want to know: just who is your favourite? Well now you can have your say in our poll!

You can find all songs below if you click on the link in their title. You’ll also find a snippet of Wiwiblogger William’s first reaction. After you’ve had a chance to play them all again, you can vote in our poll.

Eesti Laul 2018 — First Semi-Final

Vajé — “Laura (Walk with Me)”

William: “We don’t know who Laura is, but if she has half a brain she’s going to take these guys up on their offer of a walk (so long as they sing). Stefan’s voice is smooth, resonant, sweet and sexy — and the production is very now. He mixes electronic sounds with a smooth dance beat that seems to nod to Shawn Mendes. He doesn’t just sing, he smoulders.”

Iiris & Agoh — “Drop That Boogie”

William: “Iiris oozes attitude and that comes through in her sound, which flirts with genres from electronica to garage to pop. She’s pretty but gritty, yesterday but today — and she appears to be singing about a same-sex relationship. The song lacks the predictable peaks and troughs of a typical Eurovision song, but it’s funky edge could lend itself well to staging.”

Etnopatsy – “Külm”

William: “Bringing indigenous sounds and some undeniable authenticity to the contest, this track bridges the ancient with the modern to create something intoxicating, mystical and spellbinding. The repetition of hell-la, hell-la, hell-la, hey really drills into your ears. Bonus points for their fierce dreadlocks, ladies!”

Sibyl Vane – “Thousand Words”

William: “Sibyl — which actually consists of Helen, Heiko and Hendrik — brings straight-up alternative to Eesti Laul. The first minute builds really nicely, but the chorus, while pleasant, ultimately feels a tad flat. Word has it they’re great live, so there’s plenty of reason to feel positive about this one.”

Aden Ray – “Everybody’s Dressed”

William: “Aden has crafted a current, sensuous sound. His high-pitched vocals sound choral, religious and sexy all at once — a strange mish-mash that is surprisingly inviting. The use of synth and digi-sounds give him contemporary flair, yet I can hear 80s greats like Annie Lennox in there.”

Tiiu x Okym x Semy – “Näita oma energiat”

William: “Mr Saxobeat seems to open this track, promising sunshine, sand and plenty of pina coladas. But things get very grunge very quickly and our saxophone friend is swallowed by a garage-warehouse-hip-hop group that has no sense of melody, shape or form. This feels messy and rather unfortunate.”

Stig Rästa – “Home”

William: “Stig goes for something sweet, tender and dreamy — a love letter to his special someone. Sleepy to some, totally romantic to others, it isn’t a clear winner or even a clear contender — but Stig doesn’t care. We have to give him props for the line “Sleep on the balcony, watch a little GoT” — I love the Game of Thrones!” 

Miljardid – “Pseudoprobleem”

William: “If Franz Ferdinand were re-born in Estonia, they may sound something like this. Miljardid strike the right balance between mainstream and niche, radio-friendly and slightly alternative. The track progresses somewhat linearly, but changing instrumentation, rhythm and accents keep it interesting.”

Desiree – “On My Mind”

William: “Desiree sounds fab. She’s a breath of fresh air — and one with a very Spotify-friendly sound. The snare drum is a simple yet effective flourish, and for me the song speeds by. But at the moment it — like so many other songs here — feels flat and lacks a proper climax.”

Elina Netsajeva – “La Forza”

William: “Wow. Elina can sing. Her operatic flourishes will no doubt divide the fandom. But this much is clear: She’s managed to take opera and make it slightly more accessible with some contemporary production that gives it a slight pop vibe, without moving into camp territory. Live she should rightfully blow people away.”

There’s all ten songs: now it’s time for y’all to have your say. You can vote for as many songs as you like in our poll, but remember – you can only vote ONCE. So make sure that vote counts!

We’ll update you with results as Eesti Laul gets closer in the new year!

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