WATCH: Stig Rästa sings Eesti Laul song “Home” at Jõulutunnelis charity event


Earlier this month producers behind Eesti Laul 2018 unveiled his entry “Home”.

And on Christmas, well ahead of the first semi-final next year, Stig Rästa delivered his first live performance of the sweet and sentimental track.

He did so on ERR’s Jõulutunnelis (The Christmas Tunnel) — a charity show to raise funds for a family-centered intensive care unit for deeply premature newborns. The centre will allow parents to stay close to their little ones as they undergo life-saving treatment — a convenience that will no doubt put parents at greater ease during anxious times.

For this acoustic performance, Stig stripped back his already stripped-back song, bringing out the tender emotions that define it. He sings with such sincerity and sweetness that it’s hard not to see the original version in a new light.

The lyrics, while not inspired by the struggles of these families, certainly seems germane to the difficult topic — and not just because the song is addressed to “baby”.

As he sings: “I’ll stay here with you my love, if you give a little love to me, put a bit of trust in me, I will build us a home.”

The studio cut did little for me on first listen. But this acoustic version is giving me a whole different since of Stig and his number, which comes to life even with the simplest of graphic elements and some candles.

Stig at Eesti Laul 2018

On December 21, shortly after ERR revealed all of this year’s semi-final songs, PUBLIK DELFI — Estonia’s most-read news source — consulted with a panel of editors and music experts.

Among the panelists were the paper’s chief Eesti Laul correspondent Jaane Tomps, and other music and culture critics from the newspaper. They also invited wiwiblogger Angus Quinn and myself to join the discussion.

After ranking all of the songs, Jaane tabulated the results and shared the Top 8 in the paper. They were published in random order. However, we can tell you that Stig was definitely among the favourites, suggesting he might do very well with the jury if he nails his live performance.

The Top 8 included the following acts. They are not listed by ranking: 

  • “(Can’t Keep Calling) Misty”, Frankie Animal
  • “Spellbound”, Girls In Pearls
  • “Thousand Words”, Sibyl Vane
  • “Külm”, Etnopatsy
  • “Everybody’s Dressed”, Aden Ray
  • “Drop That Boogie”, Iiris & Agoh
  • “Home”, Stig Rästa
  • “La Forza”, Elina Nechayeva

Are you loving Stig’s live performance? Do you think he should stick with this stripped-back version? And what do you make of the Estonian newspaper’s Top 8? Let us know in the comments box below.

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