Poll: Which 1 in 360 finalist had the best audition video?


After months of build-up, the participation of several national final veterans, allegations of fraudulent voting, and a behind-closed-doors jury vote, San Marino has whittled 557 submissions down to just 11 artists for its 1 in 360 national final.

In 2018 Camilla North, Emma Sandstrom, Franklin Calleja, Giovanni Montalbano, Irol, Jenifer Besky, Jessika, Judah Gavra, Sara de Blue, Sebastian Schmidt and Tinashe Makura will each perform live in front of a panel of judges — and Eurofans watching online — with the hope of advancing deep in the competition.

Assessing the pre-contest favourite isn’t easy, and there are several ways to break it down. Many would give that title to Emma from Finland. She entered UMK 2017 as a huge fan favourite and seemed to cement her status as the fandom’s preferred candidate by winning the Fan Vote Wildcard. It seems the technical stumbles at UMK — and her classy response on YouTube — have only added fuel to her fire.

But, of course, national final veterans Franklin Calleja and Judah Gavra also made the Top 3 in the Fan Vote Wildcard, suggesting they are in the theoretical mix too. Ultimately it all comes down to the live performances in the new year.

Others may argue that the Fan Vote Wildcard isn’t necessarily representative of Eurovision fans at large, but rather the vocal slice of it and those who join fan groups. There is a silent majority who aren’t active on social media or in various groups, and who dip in on the day of the contests to enjoy the music and cast their votes.

One way to potentially reach this wider set of fans is to look at the second wildcard, where people simply gave hearts to the acts they enjoyed. Certainly the number of unique votes cast would be higher than the number of people in the fan groups that decided that wildcard.

San Marino: Giovanni Montalbano wins second wildcard amid questions of “voter fraud”

Here Italy’s Giovanni Monalbano was the clear winner…though his nearly 400,000 votes have been questioned by many. Discounting that number, we see the finalist with the highest number of votes was Malta’s Jessika, who finished 12th among the 557 submissions with 17,921 votes.

Camilla North from Norway was the only other finalist who managed to make the Top 32. She earned 1,206 votes.

Second wildcard vote

Entries: 557

Singers with at least 1,000 votes: 32

Singers with at least 2,000 votes: 22

Singers with at least 5,000 votes: 17

Singers with at least 10,000 votes: 15

Singers with at least 25,000 votes: 9

Singers with at least 50,000 votes: 6

Singers with at least 200,000 votes: 5

Singers with at least 300,000 votes: 2

1. Giovanni Montalbano (Italy) 388,633
2. GLORIA ZACCARIA (Italy) 382,237
3. Julian Lesi?ski (Poland) 203,579
4. Miguel Vicente (Spain) 190,879
5. Tom Hartis (France) 112,313
6. Marcus Reischmann (Germany) 50,045
7. Yana Gloushak (Russia) 33,649
8. Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 33,127
9. Stavros Pilichos (Greece) 28,208
10. Mac Zavadsky (Poland) 23,448
11. Camilla Dentale (Italy) 18,219
12. Jessika (Malta) 17,921
13. HIlary Smile (Italy) 15,169
14. Sofya Angel Barocco (Russia) 15,115
15. Benjamin Coveliers (Belgium) 10,388
16. Sebastian Calleja (Malta) 6,494
17. Panagiotis Mademlis (Greece) 6,232
18. Maika Barbero (Spain) 4,853
19. Raylan Arbizu (Spain) 4,446
20. William and Deban (United Kingdom) 3,423
21. Elena Petresca (Macedonia) 2,714
22. René Reith-Schäfer (Germany) 2,027
23. Bjorn Rosier (Belgium) 1,939
24. Oyku Dogan (Turkey) 1,896
25. Ones Antoine (Haiti) 1,739
26. Elisa “ELYSA” Kolk (Estonia) 1,494
27. Eduard Alexogiannopoulos (Greece) 1,403
27. Dario & Grecia Bezzina (Malta) 1,403
29. Andi Taranik (Belarus) 1,330
30. Dionisis Kostis (Greece) 1,269
31. Camilla North (Norway) 1,206
32. Marco Antonio Gaitano (Spain) 1,030

Putting numbers aside altogether, some fans would argue that IROL is the act with the sentimental and emotional advantage, owing to the fact he is actually from San Marino. The Sammarinese population is small, but if everyone with a TV votes for him, he could well have a fighting chance.

In any case, all of these theories and suggestions will likely disappear the moment the acts go live. Voice and song will make you or break you.

So for now we simply want to know: Which 1 in 360 finalist had the best audition video? You can watch all of them at the links below. Then vote in our poll. You can vote for as many acts as you’d like, but you can only vote one time, so make it count. 

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