Operación Triunfo 2017: Should Amaia sing with Alfred at Eurovision?


Back in November, we shared our desire to see Amaia and Alfred represent Spain at Eurovision 2018. The two singers have consistently proved to be among the most talented contestants in this year’s show — and it seems everyone is shipping them. So much so that Eurofans have already dreamed up the #Almaia hashtag.

Earlier this week Alfred made a proposal to Amaia…but it wasn’t a romantic one. Instead he proposed a Eurovision duet with her on the piano and him playing his trombone. If this is a dream, don’t wake me up!

Alfred wants to go to Eurovision with Amaia

While the Spanish Eurovision selection process is already underway and its details are public, the contestants living inside the Academy know little about the whole process.

Alfred’s musical proposal went like this:

*Amaia playing the Amelie soundtrack on the piano*

Alfred: Do you imagine we go..? No, kidding. 
Amaia: Say it! Alfred c’mon!
Alfred: Do you imagine that we go… I would love to (to me). Do you imagine we go together as a duo to Eurovision?
Amaia: *giggles* It would be so cool. 
Alfred: Like both on the piano, or you on the piano and me with the guitar. 
Amaia: Or you with your trombone and me on the piano? 
Alfred: Wow, yes. Because the songs you sing have some jazz chords. Actually, flamenco, rumba and jazz go hand in hand. Do you want me to grab my trombone now? 
Amaia: YEES!!!

After that they proved yet again they’ve got chemistry, by performing the duet “Soñar Contigo” (Dreaming with you) which left hearts rumbling.

The show’s teachers also agreed, with one commenting, “for performances like your last one Amaia, that’s why we make OT. I don’t care if you win or not, OT makes sense for performances like your last one”.

Should they go as a duet?

While RTVE’s rules are clear — each candidate will perform their song solo — it would be interesting to see a duet for Spain in Lisbon again.

The last time this happened was in 1990 with the beloved duo of Azúcar Moreno and their flamenco hit “Bandido” that served pure Latin feeling and brought Spain to the top five.

The only other duo that represented Spain was Sergio y Estíbaliz with their top 10 placed “Tú Volverás” in 1975. There’s not much data to come to conclusions, but both performances went very well for Spain.

However, times have changed. In a contest which is every day more contemporary, it definitely has a place for a piano duet with two fresh and talented artists. An #Almaia duet will stand out from the pack — especially if they have a good song. Their friendship is authentic and their sound just slays.

For the past four years, the Iberian nation has sent soloists to the contest. While Ruth Lorenzo managed to score on the left side of the board, Edurne (ESC 2015), Barei (ESC 2016) and Manel Navarro (ESC 2017) placed 21st or lower.

As Spain’s recent Eurovision entries haven’t worked well, now could be the time to try something different and send a talented duet. But even if the OT rules prevent that, either Amaia or Alfred would be good solo performers.

Earlier this week, Alfred suffered extreme anxiety before his performance. At this point of the competition the pressure is immense and it extends to the everyday routine and the increasing number of performances (they each had to prepare three songs for the most recent gala). But Alfred did not have any problems standing out and speaking out about this reality.

“I want to thank everybody who helped me in this difficult time. All your affection I received was essential to me. And also to my doctor that when I always suffer from this, he says to me – even if it’s hard, go and slay it – and that’s also my motto. To everyone who suffers from anxiety, even if it’s a hard moment, go and do it, and period.”

One of the teachers commented: “After your performance, we saw a star. I’ve never seen you stepping the stage as you did on last Monday’s show. In spite of you having anxiety, vertigo, that we were thinking you would faint while crossing the walkway, and you go to the stage and serve that performance, it’s like wow.”

Rumour has it…

A theory has emerged on Twitter about something happening between Alfred and Amaia and the Spanish singer/songwriter Pablo Alborán.

And it’s based on interesting coincidences…

It seems like there are rumours spreading that Pablo Alborán might have collaborated in writing a song for Spain in Eurovision. And fans — who are everywhere — noticed also that he followed both Alfred and Amaia on Instagram on last Monday. While this might sound a random coincidence, fans are already crazy about it and are tying up loose ends!

Soon after this, both RTVE and OT tweeted the video evidence of both Alfred and Amaia talking about going as a double act to Lisbon. Is there any reason behind it? Or is just teasing?

Poll: Should Amaia and Alfred perform as a duo in Lisbon?

But what do you think? Would you like to see Amaia and Alfred perform as a duo in Lisbon? Or should they stick to the rules and go solo? Or would you rather see another OT singer go? Vote in our poll and tell us what you think!

What do you think of Alfred and Amaia? Do you think they’re worthy of Eurovision? Or do you think RTVE should pick someone else from OT? Tell us in the comment section below!