POLL: Who should win semi-final 1 of Selectia Nationala 2018?


Over the weekend, Romania‘s broadcaster TVR aired the live auditions of all the acts that aimed for a spot in the semi-finals of Selectia Nationala 2018. As we know, 60 acts advanced to the five semi-finals, but only 15 will make the national final cut. The jury will take care of that starting Sunday, but until then, you now have the chance to voice your opinions and vote for your favourite song — or songs — in our polls. First stop: semi-final 1.

The first semi-final will be broadcast live on Sunday, 21 January from Focsani, in the southwest of Romania’s historic province of Moldavia. (Not to be confused with Moldova, of course — different country altogether.) We invite you to watch the 12 acts that are going to battle it out for one of three places in the National Final of Selectia Nationala 2018 and then vote in our poll below!

Lina – “A love Worth Falling For”

Performance starts at the 23:00 mark

Johnny Badulescu – “Devoted”

Hellen – “From Underneath”

Eduard Santha – “Mesom Romales”

Performance starts at the 38:17 mark

Echoes – “Mirror”

Alex Florea – “Nobody Told Me It Would Hurt”

Waleska – “Reborn”

Liviu Anghel – “Rise Up”

Performance starts at the 00:36 mark

CornEL – “Take Me Away”

Performance starts at the 19:12 mark

Tom Hartis – “Teardrop Rain”

Elena Turcu – “The Perfect Fall”

Alexia & Matei – “Walking On Water”

The best known name from this list is of course Alex Florea, who, alongside Ilinca Bacila and their song “Yodel It!”, brought Romania’s first top 10 Eurovision hit since Paula Seling and Ovi’s “Playing With Fire” back in 2010. The yodel-rap duo placed seventh and both singers are on a Eurovision high: while Alex is competing again in Selectia Nationala 2018, Ilinca will be judging his performance as a member of the national jury.

Speaking of “Yodel It!” and a fresh-faced duo, Alexia & Matei submitted a song written by Mihai Alexandru, the same composer who penned Romania’s yodelling hit last year. Could we have a similar success story on our hands with “Walking On Water”?

We also know Eduard Santha from last year’s Selectia Nationala, when he finished eighth. He has returned with a song that is heavily influenced by Gypsy music, with a Romani language title, “Mesom Romales”.

Selectia Nationala fans might also remember Elena Turcu as Bijou, who also submitted a song two years ago but failed to make the cut. Likewise, this is not Johnny Badulescu‘s first attempt, as he tried last year as well, but this year he did make it to the semi-finals with “Devoted”.

Three songs from each of the five semi-finals will be selected by the national jury to advance to the National Final on 25 February, but until then, you have the chance to choose your finalists right here and now. You can vote for as many acts as you want, but you can only do it once, so make it count!

We will reveal your top picks on Sunday, before the first semi-final of Selectia Nationala 2018 is aired, so make sure you cast your vote before Sunday morning at 11:00 CET.