It was her turn to sing for the Czech Republic at Eurovision 2017 in Kiev. And while she didn’t make the final there, things are turning around for Martina Barta who has stunned the judges on German Idol with her rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons”.

The Czech-born singer, who studied in Berlin, explains that she is ready to take the next step in her career. And with this audition it’s clear she has the skills to make an impression — though surely Eurovision fans already knew that!

As Martina started singing, the judging panel was captivated by her vocal performance. Ella Endlich, whom some of our readers might be familiar with, seemed particularly impressed. And surely she shares Martina’s love of Eurovision. Endlich took part in the German national final back in 2016 with her song “Adrenalin”. She told Martina that there was something about her performance and song that she immediately connected with.

Watch Martina’s cover on the RTL WEB SITE.

As soon as Martina finished singing, the judges congratulated her and sent her through to the next phase. But there was clearly something going on as she started crying. The Eurovision contestant revealed that she lost contact with her father six months ago — an unfortunate reality that she associated with that specific song by Lady Gaga. We really hope that things will change for the better for Martina.

The singer passed through to the recall stage, where she will now compete against the other singers who have survived this difficult first step. If she’s one of the lucky contestants to survive that round, she’ll be whisked away to the next phase in an exotic location — like Thailand or the Maldives. If you make it, please take lots of selfies, Martina!

What did you think of Martina’s audition? Does she have what it takes to become Germany’s next idol? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!



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In an interview just before her performance in front of the judges, she explains that her father commented on her ESC performance that “Her voice was terrible and she looked like on drugs, drunk and as if she hasn’t slept for several days”. Following this, she lost contact with him since then.


Poor Martina! How on earth could she enter this inhuman, cheap showmanship circus of German Idol? I mean, she actually seems a very fine, talented person – she should try more serious competitions which are actually about music and talent.


I do agree, but I’d even go further: Why would you participate in a singing reality competition in general if you’ve already been to Eurovision? To me, it feels like SUCH a downgrade. Like “So now I had a 5-star gourmet meal, how about I return to frozen pizza?”

Are You Not Entertained?
Are You Not Entertained?

Beautiful, talented, she speaks several languages, but she needs to rely on tears to be liked. This is what this talent shows did to entertainment.


Wow she changed a lot!


“exotic location — like Thailand or the Maldives” Nope, this year it will be Africa!