Melodifestivalen 2018: Which Deltävling 2 act are you most excited for?


Hej, Göteborg! Melodifestivalen 2018 touches down in the city that hosted the 1985 Eurovision contest, and a familiar sight on the Melfest tour: Gothenburg. Seven more acts will compete this week, with hopes of going straight to the final in Stockholm – or at least, Andra Chansen.

After last week’s start — seen by some as being slightly underwhelming — will the acts from the second heat cause more excitement?

Returning acts include Samir & Viktor, back for their third Melfest attempt. Mimi Werner is also back, after finishing 5th in her heat in 2016. There’s also the return of Margaret — who switches selections from Poland to Sweden.

Swedish Idol champion LIAMOO makes his Melodifestivalen debut. P4 Nästa 2017 winner, Stiko per Larsson, also takes the traditional spot for that contest’s winner.

The field is rounded off by Melodifestivalen newcomer, Ida Redig, and the show’s host in 2003, Jonas Gardell. But which of the acts excites you most? You can let us know now in our poll. You can find more info on all the songs below, then find our poll:


1. Samir & Viktor — “Shuffla”

Samir & Viktor Shuffla Melodifestivalen 2018 gothenburg

2. Ida Redig — “Allting som vi sa”

ida redig allting som vi sa melodifestivalen 2018

3. Jonas Gardell — “Det finns en väg”

jonas gardell det finns en vag melodifestivalen 2018 gothenburg

4. Margaret — “In My Cabana”

margaret in my cabana melodifestivalen 2018 gothenburg

5. Stiko per Larsson — “Titta vi flyger”

stiko per larsson titta vi flyger melodifestivalen 2018 gothenburg

6. Mimi Werner — “Songburning”

mimi werner songburning melodifestivalen 2018 gothenburg

7. LIAMOO — “Last Breath”

liamoo last breath melodifestivalen 2018 gothenburg

Those are the seven acts — now, the choice is yours. You can vote for as many of the acts as you like. The only rule is you can only vote ONCE. Make sure that vote counts, y’all!

We’ll close the poll on Thursday morning and reveal results then, ahead of the release of the snippets and rehearsal clips. Let us know who you voted for in the comments below as well, and tell us who you think will make it to the final in Stockholm!

Photos: Courtesy SVT/Janne Danielsson

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