What a Saturday Night! Sannie promises hot and steamy Dansk Melodi Grand Prix performance


She made us all wriggle our bodies and dance along to the 1994 smash hit “Saturday Night”, and now Sannie, better known as Whigfield, is ready to wow us with yet another sexy dance routine when performing her song “Boys on Girls”.

The 47-year-old singer has revealed that her staging at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on Saturday will be very sensual and steamy – completely living up to her chorus “boys on girls, girls on boys, girls on girls and boys on boys”. In fact, DR describes it as perhaps the sexiest performance in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix history.

“It will be sexy. It will be hot. It will be a very sensual dance and there is a bit with girls and a bit with boys and then I am in the middle”, she tells DR’s Grand Prix webpage in a video. 

This will be very interesting y’all!

Sannie and the nine other contestants that make up this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix field have just completed their first rehearsal on the big stage in Gigantium in Aalborg.

And Sannie is looking forward to Saturday’s final, she tells DR. 

“It was fun to see it all for the first time. How it will look with the lighting, sound and my dancers and I am really looking forward to Saturday. I hope I can remember all the dance moves”, she says.

Grand Prix advice from Me & My

Sannie also reveals that she has gotten good advice from another 90s superstar – Pernille Georgi from the Dub-I-Dub duo Me & My. Pernille herself has participated in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix as one half of Me & My in 2007 finishing as number six in the national final.

“She told me that she would advise me to enjoy it because it goes by so fast. The song is only three minutes long and then you’re just gone. So even though I may not win I think I will try to carry this experience in my heart”, she tells DR. 

But what do YOU think? Are you looking forward to Sannie’s performance and do you think she could scoop up the victory on Saturday’s DMGP? Let us now in the comments box below.