Poll results: Gergely Dánielfy is your favourite to win the first semi-final of Hungary’s A Dal 2018


Tonight the first semi-final of A Dal 2018 will take place and we will know which four acts will be on their way to the grand final of Hungary’s national selection. Ahead of tonight’s result, we reveal the results of our readers poll.

Earlier in the week, we asked wiwibloggs readers who should qualify from the first semi-final. 667 votes were cast with one clear winner. Gergely Dánielfy is the favourite to win the semi-final with his song “Azt Mondtad”. He had 20.54% of the vote.

Closely following behind in second place, is metal band Leander Kills and their song “Nem Szól Harang” on 19.34% of the vote. Last year Leander Kills made it to the A Dal grand final with their song “Élet”. This poll result suggests another grand final slot could be coming their way.

A Dal veteran Gabi Knoll was just one vote away, in third place with 19.19% of the vote.

And in fourth place was Roland Gulyás, with his ByeAlex-written song “H Y P N O T I Z E D”. He has earned 12.14% of the vote. Roland placed third in the 2017 series of the Hungarian X Factor. But can he deliver an even better result for his A Dal 2018 entry?

But only four acts can go on to the grand final of A Dal. If wiwibloggs readers have any say in the matter, Maszkura és a Tücsökraj won’t be among those qualifiers. The indie band placed last in the poll after receiving only 14 votes, putting them on 2.09%.

Poll results: Who should qualify from the first semi-final of A Dal 2018?

  1. Gergely Dánielfy – “Azt Mondtad” 20.54% (137 votes)
  2. Leander Kills – “Nem Szól Harang” 19.34% (129 votes)
  3. Gabi Knoll – “Nobody To Die For” 19.19% (128 votes)
  4. Roland Gulyás – “H Y P N O T I Z E D” 12.14% (81 votes)
  5. Gábor Heincz BIGA – “Good Vibez” 9.15% (61 votes)
  6. Ham ko Ham – “Bármerre Jársz” 8.7% (58 votes)
  7. Zsolt Süle – “Zöld A Május” 5.55% (37 votes)
  8. SativuS – “Lusta Lány” 3.3% (22 votes)
  9. Maszkura és a Tücsökraj – “Nagybetus Szavak” 2.09% (14 votes)

Who do you think should qualify from the first semi-final of A Dal 2018? Would you like to see any of these acts win the ticket to Lisbon? Tell us what you think below.