Sanremo 2018: Lo Stato Sociale, Max Gazzè, Meta & Moro among top finishers on third night


With two successful shows behind it — the second live episode collected 9,687,000 viewers and an audience share of 47.7%. — Sanremo 2018 moved on to the third night.

The hours of broadcasting are endless, but they’re not lacking energy for sure! Here’s the proof:

Half of the 20 Campioni contestants — the big names from which Italy’s Eurovision 2018 artist will be chosen — performed their entries to the viewers for the second time.

Just like yesterday, the live show started with the performances of half of the Nuove Proposte, the category dedicated to newcomers, judged by televote (40%), the press centre (30%) and a demoscopic poll (30%).

Unlike last year, there were no eliminations as everyone is going to the final. These were the four artists and their songs:

A neverending list of guest performers caught viewers’ attention. Italian successful band Negramaro returned to the Sanremo stage 13 years after their debut in the competition among the Newcomers. At that time they didn’t go through to the final. Now, they came back as special guests to perform their latest single “La prima volta“.

The host and artistic director Claudio Baglioni dueted with Gino Paoli and jazzist Danilo Rea to pay homage to two extraordinary late Italian artists, Fabrizio De Andrè and Umberto Bindi, singing “La canzone del perduto amore” and “Il nostro concerto”.

But the highlight of the night was the duet between American legend James Taylor and Italian popstar Giorgia. The two sung an heartfelt rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend”.





We think you’ve now learned the lesson, but there’s always time for a quick reminder: this is not the definitive ranking of the third night. To keep us in suspense until Saturday, the organizers decided to show us just the results of ONE “voting jury” each night. For the third night it was again the turn of the voting jury poll.

Tomorrow evening, the 20 Campioni will sing their original entries together with other artists. Among the singers we’ll see on stage, several former Sanremo participants, such as Giusy Ferreri, Michele Bravi, Arisa, Paola Turci and Eurovision 1984 act Alice.

Also Scottish songwriter Midge Ure and Skin, leader of the rock band Skunk Anansie, are heading to the Ariston Theatre.


Voting during the five evenings occurs through different combinations of four methods:

  • Public televoting, carried out via landline, mobile phone, the contest’s official mobile app, and online voting.
  • Press jury voting, by accredited journalists that followed the competition from the Roof Hall at the Ariston Theatre.
  • demoscopic poll, composed of a sample of 300 music fans, which voted from their homes via an electronic voting system managed by Ipsos.
  • Expert jury voting, resulting from points assigned by eight personalities from the world of music, entertainment and culture.

The three voting systems will have a percentage weight so distributed:

  • First, Second and Third Evening: 40% Public televoting; 30% Demoscopic poll; 30% Press jury voting
  • Fourth and Fifth Evening: 50% Public televoting; 30% Press jury voting; 20% Expert jury voting

In the final part of the fifth evening, a new rank indicating the first three acts — determined by the percentage of votes obtained in this evening’s vote and those obtained in previous evenings — will be drawn up.

What do you think of the songs of Sanremo 2018? Who are you most excited for? Share your thoughts below!