Portugal: Salvador Sobral makes first television appearance since heart transplant


In September last year, Eurovision 2017 winner Salvador Sobral stepped away from the spotlight to take care of his ongoing health condition.

Around Christmas time, Sobral’s PR team announced the artist had undergone a successful heart transplant operation and in January he was given the all-clear and left hospital to recover at home.

Today, the Portuguese star made his first TV appearance in RTP’s night news bulletin, showing signs of a healthy recovery as well as his usual sense of humour.

Without any surprise, the main focus of the interview was Salvador’s health condition and the experience of having a heart transplant.

“It’s an out-of-reality experience. Yet another one in my life,”  he said about the procedure. “I would be an ice cube if I told you I wasn’t scared”, the jazz star later added.

Set to start a Spanish tour on July 27 — Hola, Espãna! — Salvador is ready to embrace life at its best. “My immediate dream is to travel and sing all over the world. Discover the world and do music.”

And fans won’t have to wait much longer because the Portuguese star is already working on his second solo album. The premise of his work is still there. “I sing to touch people, to make them think and feel something,” Salvador made it clear tonight. His heart may be a new one, but his soul is still the same.

The Portuguese broadcaster RTP recently celebrated Salvador’s Eurovision win with a touching two-part documentary, that followed him from the start of Festival da Cancao all the way to the aftermath of his Eurovision win.

At one point Salvador described the overwhelming moment when he knew he had won, and how he struggled to find the words to express his emotion.

“There were like 40 meters to get to the stage,” he said laughing, “and I’m thinking: What am I going to say? I knew there was a speech.”

“If I had a speech prepared it could have been more serious. It could have had more meaning, I could have been a bit more coherent. But it was a strong, emotional moment. You want to say everything. I don’t know. It came out like that. Truly, it came out of the depth of my soul, because of everything I was feeling that week.”