Belarus: Alekseev wins Eurofest 2018 with “Forever”


Belarus’ Eurofest 2018 may have endured drama and controversy in the weeks leading up to Friday’s live broadcast, but the show definitely went on. Shuma brought their electro folk flavour. The hosts entertained us with their electric chemistry and the ultra cheesy Teo showed off his football skills. And in the end, it was fan favourite Alekseev who took the top prize and will fly the Belarusian flag to Lisbon!

Alekseev served intense and atmospheric staging for “Forever”. The Ukrainian sensation was strong from the start, blowing away the competition with his instantly recognisable vocals, as well as a light jumpsuit that would make Norway’s JOWST jealous.

Alekseev – “Forever” — Eurofest 2018

The ten competing entries were:

  1. Shuma – “Chmarki”
  2. Alekseev – “Forever”
  3. Kirill GOOD – “Deja Vu”
  4. Gunesh – “I Won’t Cry”
  5. Alen HIT – “I Don’t Care”
  6. NAPOLI – “Chasing Rushes”
  7. Anastasiya Malashkevich – “World On Fire”
  8. Lexy – “Ain’t You”
  9. Adagio – “Ty i ya”
  10. Radiovolna – “Subway Lines”

Ultimately, it was a clean sweep for Alekseev, who took the top points from both the public and the jury, ending up on 24 points. Gunesh and Shuma rounded out the top three, scoring a total of 14 points each to secure second and third respectively.

The national final also featured an interval performance by Naviband with “A Dzie Zyvies Ty?”.

Ksienija glowed on stage, showcasing her growing baby bump. She announced in December that she is expecting her first child with fellow Naviband singer and husband Artem.

Angelika Pushnova, who we interviewed back in January about her entry “Fighting for Love” (which was ultimately rejected for the final), performed her failed Eurofest entry. We guess it was a matter of good enough for the interval, but not good enough for a national final?

In any event, Angelika delivered a flawless performance arguably more engaging than some of the finalists.

Do you agree with the final results? Is Alekseev the man to bring Belarus’ best results at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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