Greece: Yianna Terzi to sing “Óneiró mou” at Eurovision 2018


What a rollercoaster! After initially calling for songs with a ‘Greek sound’, and selecting five artists to take part in a national final, Greece proceeded to disqualify two of the five acts for not meeting that criteria.

And today, with the national final supposed to take place on 22nd February with the remaining three acts, Greek broadcaster ERT decided to disqualify another two acts. This leaves Yianna Terzi as the last woman standing, and she has now been internally picked to represent Greece at Eurovision 2018 with her song “Óneiró mou” (“My Dream”).

Yianna Terzi – “Óneiró mou” (“My Dream”)

So what actually led to these latest disqualifications? In an official statement ERT explains that the three national finalists and their record companies – Areti Ketme (Spicy Music), Chorostalites (Spider Music) and Yianna Terzi (Panik Entertainment Group) – held meetings with the broadcaster to agree the terms of their participation in the national final.

It was subsequently agreed that each record company must provide a €20,000 guarantee of their participation (reduced from an initial request of €90,000 after objections by the record companies). The deadline for this sum was set for 12th February, and later extended to 15th February at the record companies’ request.

Greek drama! ERT disqualifies two shortlisted acts for not meeting entry criteria

However, by this morning, only Panik Entertainment Group had paid this sum and submitted the signed contract. Therefore, ERT subsequently disqualified the other two record companies and their participants for missing the deadline.

At the end of it all, Yianna stands tall and will be off to Lisbon in May to fly the flag for Greece.

A mid-tempo ballad with ethnic Greek elements and a polyphonic chorus, “Óneiró mou” combines both a traditional orchestral sound with modern production. Yianna co-wrote the lyrics and music of the song with Aris Kalimeris, who notably was the lyricist of Moldova’s 2009 Eurovision entry “Hora din Moldova” by Nelly Ciobanu.

Areti Ketme and Chorostalites release potential national final entries

Before the official announcement of their disqualification this morning, both Areti Ketme and Chorostalites released their proposed national final entries last night, along with a statement each.

Areti’s song “Don’t Forget The Sun” is a traditional Greek ballad, with added English backing vocals.

In a statement on Facebook, she claims that her record company Spicy Music only learned at the last minute about the guarantee and economic terms needed, while one company (implying Panik) were prepared for this in advance.

She’s not giving up though, and says she will try again in the future to represent Greece at Eurovision, but wishes Yiana all the best for the 2018 contest.

Λοιπόν φαίνεται να είμαστε εκτός ελληνικού τελικού Το γεγονός πως οι εταιρείες έμαθαν τελευταία στιγμή για την εγγυητικ…

Posted by ????? ?????? / Areti Ketime on Thursday, February 15, 2018

Chorostalites’ song “Apó tin Thráki os tin Kríti” (“From Thrace to Crete”) is the most up-tempo of the three, with heavy use of traditional instruments and a one-minute instrumental section.

Posting on Facebook the group thank those who worked on the song, but feel ignored by ERT. They say ERT has ignored both the record company, who had signed the contract but requested an extension to the payment deadline beyond two and a half days, as well as the artists who contacted them.

Listen to their song and read their statement here.

Who is Yianna Terzi?

Yianna Terzi is the daughter of acclaimed Greek singer Paschalis Terzis. She launched her solo career in 2005 and was especially active in the 2000s. She is best known for her singles “Tetoia Gynaika” (“Such a woman”) and “Pou kai Pou” (“Now and then”). She has two albums under her belt, under the name Gianna Terzi.

Five years ago she relocated from Greece to the United States in order to develop her music career. She released her first English-language single “Love Is Your Name” under the name Yianna in 2012, which started bubbling in the underground clubs of New York City.

But she’s kept her Greek roots, and is now ready to represent her native country at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. She’ll be aiming to bring Greece back to the left hand side of the scoreboard, after Demy finished in 19th place with pop-banger “This Is Love” in 2017.

What do you think of Yianna’s song “Óneiró mou”? Did you prefer either of the other two potential national finalists? How do you think Yianna will do in Lisbon? Leave all your comments down below!

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