Moldova: O melodie pentru Europa finalists draw running order


The 16 acts of Moldova‘s National Final for O melodie pentru Europa 2018 have drawn the running order for the show. The artists or their representatives showed up at the headquarters of broadcaster TRM and picked their lucky numbers.

On 25 January, TRM decided to scrap the semi-final for O melodie pentru Europa 2018, settling for just one show with 16 finalists. The 16 acts were invited to the company’s headquarters yesterday. Not all of them were able to come and sent representatives instead. Eventually, all 16 acts had their number in the show assigned.

Running order for O melodie pentru Europa final

  1. Tolik – “Broken Glass”
  2. Lavina Rusu – “Altundeva”
  3. Bella Luna – “Moments”
  4. Anna Timofei – “Endlessly”
  5. Ilia Soroceanu & Dasha DaGro – “Minds & Veins”
  6. Che MD – “Inima-n stanga”
  7. Cobilean Constantin – “Numai tu”
  8. DoReDos – “My Lucky Day”
  9. Sandy C & Aaron Sibley – “Once Upon A Time”
  10. Anna Odobescu – “Agony”
  11. Nicoleta Sava – “Esencia del Sur”
  12. Doinita Gherman – “Dance In Flames”
  13. Felicica Dunaf – “Alien”
  14. Viorela – “The Gates Of Love”
  15. Vera Turcanu – “Black Heart”
  16. Ruslan Tsar – “Come To Life”

DoReDos revamp “My Lucky Day”

Fan favourites DoReDos, who are going to perform in the middle of the final at number 8, have revamped their entry “My Lucky Day”. The instrumentals have been refined and they sound a little less harsh, but the energy of Philipp Kirkorov’s song remains just as infectious and positive.

DoReDos are currently topping our readers’ rankings in our O melodie pentru Europa poll. You still have one week to vote for your favourite act(s) before the National Final on 24 February. Then, the winner will be selected live by a 50/50 combination of jury and televote.

What do you think? Is the running order going to change DoReDos’s chances to win the whole thing? Who will you be rooting for? Let us know in the comments!