Melodifestivalen odds: Jessica Andersson favourite to win with UNIBET following SF3 in Malmö


The Melodifestivalen favourites at UNIBET have changed more than a few times over the past few months. Mariette emerged as the pre-contest favourite last November, only to be replaced by Liamoo as the weeks moved on. Ahead of last weekend’s contest in Malmö, Dotter lept to the top of the oddstable…only to crash out. And now that the dust has finally settled on semi-final three, Jessica Andersson has sashayed her way to the top spot.

The “Party Voice” singer, who has managed to take schlager back to the Melfest final, sat atop the UNIBET oddstable on Monday morning with odds of 3.75, putting her just ahead of Mariette — who will compete in SF4 — and Benjamin Ingrosso, who advanced direct to the final from SF1.

During the actual show last Saturday, many of us commented that we heard more backing vocals than her supposed party voice. But there’s definite charm to her performance, which has a vintage quality some will find dated, but others will find alluring and somewhat nostalgic. And it has to be said: Jessica can sing. So turn down that backing and let her shine!

Many of our readers have already responded on Twitter to say that the Swedish bookies are totally out-of-it.

Some want the song to win, but think it won’t…

While others are suggesting she’s a non-qualifier at Eurovision if she does win.

Where do you stand? Is “Party Voice” the best song in the final so far? Will the Swedish bookies continue to be incorrect with their guesses, as they were with Dotter? Or do you think there is something to this? Let us know in the comments box below.