Melodifestivalen 2018: Mariette and Rolandz go direkt till final in SF4 in Örnsköldsvik


Tonight the town of Örnsköldsvik was the setting for the fourth and final semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2018. And it was there that Mariette and Rolandz went direkt till final, while Olivia Eliasson and Felix Sandman will get another shot in the andra chansen round next week.

The first acts to be eliminated were muiscal singer Emmi Christensson and her song “Icarus” and Felicia Olsson with “Break That Chain”. Cue dozens of “bye, Felicia” tweets.

The five remaining acts — Elias Abbas, Rolandz, Olivia Eliasson, Felix Sandman and Mariette — then faced the second round of voting. And from there, the qualifiers were revealed.

Elias Abbas narrowly missed out in fifth place. His song “Mitt paradis” was popular with viewers — but not quite popular enough to sneak through into andra chansen.

Direkt till final

Mariette – “For You”

This is the third appearance for the dreadlocked diva. This time she performed the uplifting song “For You”. Mariette performed the song standing atop a lit-up blue pyramid and fully commanded the mystical triangle. Mariette was casually dressed in jeans and a cropped t-shirt, but she let her voice shine through.

Rolandz – “Fuldans”

With an extravagant performance and even more sequins than you’d find in Alcazar’s wardrobe, Rolandz gave one of the most memorable and entertaining performances of Melfest 2018. The comedy dansband clearly won over the Swedish audiences with their rousing track. The performance, staged by previous Melfest and Eurovision producer Edward af Sillén, was bright and shiny and highly entertaining.

Andra Chansen

Olivia Eliasson “Never Learn”

YouTube star Olivia Eliasson delivered the pop goods with her song “Never Learn”. The song was co-written by former Melfest star Anton Ewald and offered a fresh pop sound.

Felix Sandman “Every Single Day”

The former FO&O singer was battling a bad cold, but he still managed to win over audiences with his sweet ballad “Every Single Day”. Just like his former boy band, he will battle it out in the anda chansen round.

Melodifestvalen 2018 — Andra Chansen line-up

Next week is the andra chansen round, where eight acts will battle it out for four placed in the grand final. The contest involves a series of duels and the pairings are expected to be confirmed in coming days.

  • Felix Sandman – “Every Single Day”
  • Margaret – “In My Cabana”
  • Mimi Werner – “Songburning”
  • Moncho – “Cuba Libre”
  • Méndez – “Everyday”
  • Olivia Eliasson – “Never Learn”
  • Renaida – “All the Feels”
  • Sigrid Bernson – “Patrick Swayze”

What do you think of tonight’s four qualifiers? Is there a potential Eurovision winner amongst them? Tell us what you think below!