Armenia: Sevak Khanagyan wins Depi Evratesil 2018 with “Qami”


There were big ballads and epic stage shows, minimalistic staging and a fainting drag queen. As the dust settled on Armenia’s Depi Evratesil 2018, Sevak Khanagyan emerged victorious with “Qami”.

His song won with both the international jury and the televote. “Qami” becomes the first song sung entirely in Armenian at Eurovision.

Sevak has confirmed to wiwibloggs that the Armenian lyrics of his song will remain for Eurovision. This will make “Qami” the first song with 100% Armenian lyrics to be performed at Eurovision.

Sevak Khanagyan — “Qami” (Interview)

Sevak opened the show with “Qami”, which entered the contest as one of the favourites. The song ranked third with the Wiwi Jury, garnering an average score of 7.46. wiwiblogger Deban had this to say about the song:

“Qami” draws strength from its connection with the forces of nature, and in turn, stirs a powerful emotion. Sevak is an accomplished vocalist with years of televised singing experience both at home and abroad. It is a brave move to sing in Armenian — not many will understand what he’s singing about. However, no one can deny the power and strength of his vocal presence.

Sevak Khanagyan — “Qami”

Nemra finished as overall runner-ups with 18 points with “I’m a Liar”. Amaliya Margaryan finished third with her dramatic ballad on 15 points.

Fan favourite Kamil Show was ranked second by the people of Armenia but was ranked second last by the international juries.

Depi Evratesil 2018 international jury results

Sevak Khanagyan — 12 points
Nemra — 10 points
Amaliya Margaryan — 8 points
Lusine Mardanyan — 7 points
Asmik Shiroyan — 6 points
Mariam — 5 points
Robert Koloyan — 4 points
Gevorg Harutyunyan — 3 points
Kamil Show — 2 points
Mger Armenia — 1 point

Depi Evratesil 2018 televote results

Sevak Khanagyan — 12 points
Kamil Show — 10 points
Nemra — 8 points
Amaliya Margaryan — 7 points
Mger Armenia — 6 points
Gevorg Harutyunyan — 5 points
Mariam — 4 points
Asmik Shiroyan — 3 points
Robert Koloyan — 2 points
Lusine Mardanyan — 1 point

Depi Evratesil 2018 combined results

Sevak Khanagyan — 24 points
Nemra — 18 points
Amaliya Margaryan — 15 points
Kamil Show — 12 points
Mariam — 9 points
Asmik Shiroyan — 9 points
Gevorg Harutyunyan — 8 points
Lusine Mardanyan — 8 points
Mger Armenia — 7 points
Robert Koloyan — 6 points

Tonight’s show also featured a performance by last year’s Depi Evratesil winner, Artsvik. The show was also confirmed to return to help Armenia select its act for Junior Eurovision 2018!

What do you think of the results? How will “Qami” fare at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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