Finland: Saara Aalto performs Monsters at Eurovizijos Atranka final…and sings a verse in Lithuanian


She oozes beauty and grace, and knows how to strut across any European stage.

And on Sunday Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2018 star Saara Aalto proved the point yet again when she performed her electronic pop banger “Monsters” during the interval of Lithuania’s National Selection – Eurovizijos atranka 2018.

Tension has grown steadily in Lithuania as Eurovision’s longest national selection finally concluded after two months of elimination rounds. Luckily Saara was there to ease that tension while performing her Eurovision entry on the Lithuanian stage.

While the essence of Saara’s stage show remained the same, there were some big changes in the performance – and we are living for it.

In the clip, which you can watch above, Saara rocks a red and black outfit while surrounded by dozens of candles which swarm the front of the stage. The backdrop sees static red LED graphics along with beaming white lights, creating an eerie atmosphere. Like her stage show at UMK, Saara is joined by three male dancers dressed in black who interact with Saara, showing a darker side to the performance. The female backing vocalists are absent. They are replaced by two female dancers who join Saara during the second verse. The choreo game is on point — and Saara was as present as ever.

Hardcore Saara Aalto fans will be happy to see “Monsters” filling up another European stage well, giving many hope that the song will blow the roof off the Altice Arena in May.

The most notable aspect of Saara’s interval performance is that it coincided with Lithuania’s Restoration of Independence Day, which marks the country’s independence from the Soviet Union. Saara paid homage to the celebrations by singing the entire second verse of “Monsters” in Lithuanian. The competent polyglot was not phased, adding even more class to the performance. RESPECT — Saara knows how to build bridges!

What did you think of Saara Aalto’s performance during Eurovizijos atranka? Does it live up to the studio version? And can Saara go all the way for Finland in Lisbon this May? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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