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The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — continues to rank and review the 43 songs competing in Eurovision 2018. Next we head to Croatia and listen to Franka Batelic and her song “Crazy”. Did it make us lose our minds? Read on to find out!

Franka – “Crazy”

“Crazy” reviews

Jovana: I am sorry that Croatia decided not to bring Dora back after all, but I still do think that Franka was a good choice. She is one of their best pop singers and definitely has the voice and charisma to win over the viewers from other countries. “Crazy” is one of those entries that sounds contemporary and radio-friendly, but that still has that spark of originality and freshness, here introduced with that slight jazz sound. Nina did well. Jacques did great. I hope Franka can go even further.

Score: 9/10

Angus: Croatia’s song this year is trapped in a straitjacket. The spoken interlude is brilliantly bizarre, Franka has virtuoso vocals at her disposal, and for the first 20 seconds or so the song is a genuinely intriguing slice of electro-ethnopop. Then the jacket comes on, the track is hemmed in, and you’re left with a lobotomized languid ballad. If you want a truly crazy Croatian composition, check out last year’s track.

Score: 4/10

Chris: “Crazy” starts off strong, with the ethno-pop tinged track kicking in to beat early. Unfortunately, the song never goes anywhere from there. The closest it gets to changing things up is the spoken word break, which is probably going to come across awkward on the Eurovision stage. Franka deserves better, and she’ll really have to work hard to make this come to life in Lisbon.

Score: 5.5/10

Kristin: Ooooh, you better stop cause they will never, ever tear us apart…. Oops, sorry, wrong songs! The eerie similarities between Franka’s “Crazy” and INXS’s “Never Tear Us Apart” and Sam Brown’s “Stop” could either be in her favour or completely ruin her chances of making it to the finals. “Crazy” oozes sexy and Franka will undoubtedly sizzle on stage and give Europe steaming hot three minutes, but will she be remembered during the voting? Only time will tell, but for the meantime, I’ll give her the benefit of doubt.

Score: 6.5/10

Padraig: Never has craziness been this tame. Or perhaps Franka is beyond crazy. Maybe she’s been sedated. Her song certainly has. What starts with promises of intrigue and drama quickly turns into a somewhat pedestrian lounge number. The minimalist production strives to create a sense of darkness, but instead we get a feeling of emptiness. Franka is an accomplished singer and highly successful pop star, but she can only do so much with the material she’s given. Crazy? More like sleepy!

Score: 4/10

Sebastian: Mysterious and engaging, Franka’s “Crazy” is musically ‘crazy’ by nature — an odd package that melds contemporary, jazz, and pop. There’s times where it goes off the edge (please ditch the spoken word interlude), and there are times where it doesn’t go far enough and gets repetitive. But ultimately, for what it is, “Crazy” keeps me on my toes.

Score: 7/10

In the Wiwi Jury we have 20 jurors but only have room for six reviews. The remaining scores are below:

Anthony: 5.5/10

Antranig: 9.5/10

Bernardo: 5/10

Bogdan: 4/10

Cinan: 8/10

Deban: 5.5/10

Jonathan: 6/10

Jordi: 7/10

Luis: 7.5/10

Renske: 6.5/10

Robyn: 6/10

Ron: 7/10

Steinunn: 6/10

William: 5.5/10








We have removed the highest and lowest scores prior to calculating the average. This is to remove outliers and potential bias. We have removed a low of 4 and a high of 9.5

Wiwi Jury verdict: 6.19/10

What do you think of this song? Share your own score and review below!

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This probably needed to be a bit dirtier and the spoken bit seems very 1986. I still like it but it’s not a favourite. Will probably struggle.


I really like the music. It starts with a mystery but then it has nothing to offer. Franka’s voice is great. I hope they set up sth beautiful on stage because the song needs it.


As many have said this song starts very promisingly but doesn’t make any noticeable change of beat or key once the chorus hits in, which renders the song quite anti-climatic, which is a shame. However I think it should deserve more love. 6,5/10

Digital Style

This song confused the hell out of me when I first heard it. It’s not ‘bad’ by any means, but the melody and structure of the song are strange and make the song seem to go on forever. Also, the lyrics are SO cheesy. ‘I need no diamonds and pearls’ is the most cliche line I think I’ve ever heard. I’m not sure if it will qualify, but if it does it will definitely fall within the 10-6 range. Good staging will rescue this song.


The chorus here is that wrong chunk. Maybe a modulation or bringing more instruments (brass f.e.) would help it though – as of existing one, it brings repetitive content instead of uprooting it. I won’t make comparisons to initial song that could be inspiration for music here but there also the vocals were making it precious. Every time I was tuning into it, I couldn’t help but think of a duo with contrasting tones performing Crazy. The one just doesn’t open the bud 🙂


Nothing special for a song…
99% non qualifier country


The instrumental is excellent and Franka is a great singer. Unfortunately the lyrics are a string of cliches, just like Melanie Rene’s Time to Shine. It’s catchy though

drag kvinna

even DARIA who broke a leg was more involving


She seems shook by the ‘plagiarism’ scandal. It looks like she flew to Moscow to be consoled by her footballer bf:

Let’s all hope the pressure doesn’t make her go craaaazy.

Yeah, I agree, this could be better. If you want to do a bond song and you’re not Shirley Bassey, not Adele and not even Tina Turner, you try not to do, what they’re doing, but you go fully-fledged Madonna and do “Die another day”. This song is not at all unpleasant to listen to, if I listen on headphones I can hear a lot of stuff going on besides the beat and the melody. I don’t really like the parts, where it gets a little sweeter, like the pre-chorus and particularly the bridge at the end. I could do… Read more »

This is just boring to me. Quality song, capable singer, but there’s nothing to connect to. Not a qualifier. 5/10.


This is my very close second behind Belgium, I’m really sad it won’t get a good result 🙁

Vogzal Odessa

As much as the teaser sounded promising, I have to say that I am underwhelmed by the final result. The song is not bad perhaps but I think its major default is in that it fails to take your where it promised it would. Statistically, there always are some shock(non) qualifiers but at this stage I don’t see Franka make it to the Grand Final.. A solid 5/10 for me.


I love it. That’s all I have to say about it.

So this year we have the generic cousins, but also the Bond girls (Belgium, Croatia and Latvia). I love a good Bond theme song (and by good I mean Adele’s “Skyfall”, not Sam Smith’s “Writing on the Wall”), Belgium is a frontrunner for my 12 points and Latvia is on my top 10. Normally I would hold “Crazy” in similar high regards and I actually enjoyed it on the first time I’ve listened to it. But I guess the comparisons with the other mentioned acts haven’t helped their case. And in terms of televoting, I can see this being cancelled… Read more »

Great review, Sabrina and I basically agree with everything that you said. It’s an eerie, moody song, which has guts and identity, yet feels very anti-climactic and could be overlooked. As a Croat, of course I would like if we qualified, but I am really not sure it would make my own top 10 in a semi as strong as this one.


Thank you Colin! It’s weird because when this one was released, I thought it would land on my top 10 and now I don’t even know if it would necessarily be a qualifier to me. It’s almost experimental on Eurovision standards and I really appreciate that, so I wouldn’t mind if this was rewarded for not playing by the books. I hope Croatian keep following this originality path. It won’t work everytime, but it’s better than playing safe year after year.

Purple Mask

Fantastic review, Sabrina. You really should write music reviews professionally. 🙂
Croatia have always done their best to stand out. For example, I will always remember this gem from 1996:

I remember nearly falling asleep during that year’s contest in Oslo, then suddenly the Croatian singer SCREAMS down the microphone! Forever thankful for that moment. It woke us all up!! 😀

You’re very kind, Mask. 🙂 I would have a lot of fun doing this line of work, but I would need more musical education. The only music I can make is with my voice and on the shower haha I hope at least my ear is better for music than my motor coordination! I haven’t ever watched the peformance you mentioned, because I only found out Eurovision on the year Lena has won. I’ve watched many Eurovisions from the 70’s, but I still need to catch up with the 80’s and the 90’s. Anyway, we should show this video to… Read more »

This feels less like a song and more like a long intro to a song.


I agree. It would work better as an “interlude” on an album. After the spoken part, an actual song would begin to play. But in this case we got trapped on the interlude.


One word: FA-A-A-AIL


I was really excited when I heard the snipper. I was hoping that it’s going to be mysterious and dark. But in the end it’s not really engaging. And the lyrics are so generic it hurts.


The most obvious non-qualifier for me this year. What was Croatia thinking with this song? Not unpleasant but at what point did this seem like it could be a good song to be performed on stage with a goal of being memorable? I see no way that Franka can salvage this.

Purple Mask
Divisive, but I like it. Croatia – Franka: “Crazy” Keys: A minor, C major Time Sigs: 12/8 Song structure: Intro – Verse 1 [broken in two parts] – Pre-Chorus 1 – Chorus – Hook Extension – Post-Chorus (Rap) – Verse 2 – Pre-Chorus 2 – Chorus – Bridge – Coda Harmony: Jazz refrain, modulating to relative major and back again Influences: Jazz, Orchestral Pop, Classic Pop, Rap Music comments: This is going to take a while to unravel. The opening melody is already established in the backing track in the Intro, and already I’m intrigued to hear the 12/8 jazzy… Read more »

I really appreciate the strings you mentioned, I wonder if they couldn’t use them more through the song.


This one has a nice climat and good melody. But it just didn’t get my attention, I guess it’s not my type. I don’t like the chorus.



a lot of people are saying that the song is flat, it doesn’t have strong enough chorus, somethings missing etc…but in fact the song is great for what it is…their intention was to make a song that is mysterious and creates a certain mood from start to finish and they achieved that…the fact that its not really a competitive song is another story


This is one of the most underrated entries this year. Franka’s voice is so good, she has charisma. Her song has it’s own atmosphere. It’s pure magic. 9/10

Lewis S

8/10 Croatia have brought a really good song this year. It keeps me listening to every second. I think possibly some of the choreography from the video will have to be translated on to stage; as well as those light balls. I think this should qualify; but this could get slated by televote.


At least a more dignified choice for Croatia then Jacques. 5.5/10

Well… When thinking about all 43 Songs, there have been plenty of words coming to my mind to describe them… Like ”amazing” ”stunning” ”catchy” ”emotional” ”cheap” ”bad” ”stupid” even ”terrible”…. But the only word I can find for this mess is fine. It’s just fine, nothing else! And in such a strong semi you Need to be more than fine. It all feels like someone had a song and took all the exciting parts out. The verses are fine… The bridge is kinda out of place and then there is the Chorus. One of the biggest disappointments of the year.… Read more »

Qualification rate from the various positions since the introduction of 2 semi format(number in bracket is qualification rate since 2013)

1)50% (50%)
2)60%(50%)so much for it being the death spot
3)30% (30%) lowest rate- true death spot
4)40% (50%)
5)45%(70%) very high qualification recently
6)70%(80%) very high qualification recently
7)55% (50%)
8)50% (60%)
9)55% (70%)very high qualification recently
10)65%(70%)very high qualification recently
12)70%(90%)best qualification rate recently
13)55%(40%) bad qualification rate recently
14)80%(60%)had 100% before 2013
15)65%(80%)very high qualification recently
17)63%(33%)really bad rate recently
18)83%(75%) best overall rate for an order
19)80%(NA) no 19th position since 2013
Last position- 85% (80%) best rate overall


Wrong place! Sorry

I like this year’s Croatian entry a lot. There is some mystique in the music and the lyrics (even though it’s by far not as “crazy” as the title suggests) that works very well. It feels shorter than three minutes and it does stand out (but probably not enough to make it to the final). To me, it’s a song that has got a certain “je ne sais quoi” – even if I think they should have rather gone the road of “mystique” all the way instead of using the striking but somewhat out-of-place word “Crazy” in the hook line.… Read more »
Roelof Meesters

This song starts soooooo promising, but then the chorus kicks in and it becomes a VERY predicatble pop piece. Because there so many similar entries in the first semi like Azerbaijan and Finland, She Probably wont make it. Still, i do like it a lot.

CROATIA – I love when songs can have an ominous quality to them. Crazy starts slow, yet eerie, with really interesting instrumental. Unfortunately, it basically stays there till it finishes. Sure, spoken interlude and a final bridge give it a slight oomph, but I feel like it needs more to make a big boom in the hard semi final. The song is about being crazy in love. Crazy actually *can* be more minimalist, like Hannibal Lecter rather than full-blown Jack Torrance. It leaves you in some kind of expectation and it intrigues you. Still, it leaves you hanging, not finding… Read more »
Polegend Godgarina

6.19?! This has to be the biggest disappointment of the year. An absolutely useless song with no qualities – uninspired instrumental, forgettable hook, overall no identity – that will only look like a cheap version of Belgium’s act. A 1/10 at best.


True. The chorus annoys me so much repeating the word “crazy” all the time.


Lo-o-o-ove it.


Damn I wasn’t early enough.

The Scorpio

Dead in the deep waters of the first semi final. Next, please.


I have really liked Croatia’s efforts since their return but this one seems a little half-hearted. The song has a dark vibe but Belgium and Bulgaria are clearly doing it better in terms of mystery. The instrumental is good but the lyrics don’t make the song very memorable. 12th position in the running order will not do it any favors. It goes after three better appreciated songs and Macedonia will probably also take away the Balkan votes. The jury would probably not vote for a song marred by so much controversy.
A 6.5/10.


Wiwi jury
1)ITA 7.17 2)SLO 6.58 3)ARM 6.39
4)BLR 6.36 5)MLT 6.31 6)CRO 6.19
7)DEN 6.17 8)MDA 6.08 9)GBR 5.97
10)LTU 5.83

Modified Score
1)ITA 8.81 2)MLT 8.13 3)DEN 8.00
4)SLO 8.00 5)MDA 7.75 6)CRO 7.69
7)BLR 7.5 8)ARM 7.5 9)LTU 7.44
10)GBR 6.94

1)ITA 15.98 2)SLO 14.58 3) MLT 14.44
4)DEN 14.17 5)BLR 13.92 6)ARM 13.89
7)CRO 13.88 8)MDA 13.83 9)LTU 13.27 10)GBR 12.91




How come Edd is in the videos giving his scores but here in the articles his scores are not shown?

esc freak

This entry is just not exciting in any way and it bores me.



It just… doesn’t go there, where it needs to be. This song’s zaniness should have been a 9 and it’s just a 3, so I agree about the lack of “Crazy” in this song. Interesting elements (I do like the spoken word part), but don’t feel she’s doing much with them other than lounging.

With competiton from Belgium and Austria, which sport similar vibes, I feel this will struggle.


Mattias Sollerman

Bottom 10 countries with lowest average Wiwi jury score 2012-2017

* Turkey, 4.10
1. Georgia, 4.38
2. Montenegro, 4.76
* Bosnia & H., 4.81
3. Portugal, 4.88
4. Lithuania, 5.14
5. Latvia, 5.19
6. Croatia, 5.25
7. Malta, 5.38
8. Poland, 5.39
9. Finland, 5.40
10. Greece, 5.53

* Participated less than 4 times


Come on, Wiwibloggs! Your judgment hurts!


Her voice is great, but the song is pretty flat and the chorus almost inexistent. 5/10




Someone should teach Franka the correct pronunciation of love, with a hard v. Now it sounds like la-a-a-a-uu

Nooooooo!! That was so good for like the first minute 🙁 And that really sums up how I feel about the song. It has some nice elements to it, like the sultry opening which really drew me in, and Franka’s vocals which the song seems tailor made for. I also really like that punctured heavy beat, that really marks the choreography in the music video, and could do for some really good camera angles on stage. The problem is, they take what they have and just copy and paste it three times. How are we expected to go crazy for… Read more »