Even in the darkness she can see the light. And even in the dark club, Eurovision fans can get down to Julia Samoylova. That’s because she’s just released the official remix of her Eurovision 2018 entry “I Won’t Break”.

And no she won’t. This sultry remix shows another side of Julia by adding some on-trend digital sounds and a head-bobbing beat. Her voice sounds at once angelic and fiery, all set above inviting production. New York, Paris, Moscow — no matter the location, Julia’s heart is in command and the DJ better get ready.

The remix comes courtesy of MeeKeeChoo — aka the song’s co-authors Netta Nimrodi and Arie Burshtein. The Israeli composers, who also co-wrote last year’s intended entry “Flame Is Burning”, currently live in Berlin. They’re attuned to club culture and it shows!

Released just a week before Julia hits the Eurovision stage, the remix showcases her versatility. It’s also a nice reminder that Eurovision is all about having fun. We can already see EuroClub enthusiasts busting shapes to Miss Samoylova’s new sound.

“I Won’t Break” is very clearly a song about perseverance — a common theme on the dance floor.

For Julia, the theme works on numerous levels. If you’re looking at this through the Eurovision lens, you may say it is a response to the trying months she had ahead of Eurovision 2017, when she was summarily banned from entering host country Ukraine, all the while being put under the microscope by international media and the Eurovision fandom, both of whom frequently had harsh words.

But, perhaps more significant, is the fact the song could relate to Julia’s well-documented struggles with her health and how she has persevered through all of them. As the “I Won’t Break” lyrics make clear, challenges — whether they’re physical or emotional or a mix of the two — can motivate and liberate if you have the right perspective.

“The memory I knew, the things I’ve been through and everything I do has got me living by the minute,” she sings. “And now that I’m in it, now that I’m in it…I won’t break.”

On Saturday Julia appeared in a Live Chat staged by Russian social network VK. She was joined by Channel 1’s Yuri Aksyuta, Russia’s Head of Delegation for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Since the broadcast aired the Russian media have focused on one key point — that her dress will play an important role in her stage show.

“The main dress in which I’m going to perform will be very interesting,” she says. “It won’t be just an outfit, it will be a part of the scenery. ”

In terms of Russian stage shows, this takes us back to Polina Gagarina, whose highly regarded stage show saw her wearing a large white dress that allowed for light projection. Interestingly, Julia shares the same stage maestro as Polina — the acclaimed stage director Alexei Golubev. He’s the sought-after mind behind roughly 300 music videos for some of Russia’s biggest stars, including Dima Bilan, Alsou and Valeria.


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Cheesy but better than the actual entry itself lol.


Russia isn’t even trying this year, is it?

Mattias Sollerman

The new design and features are on point. 🙂
What a pleasant surprise.


Okay whatever happened to the site I love it


Good mix but search up for DaOneFame channel on yt to find story:Estonia VS Russia at Eurovision 2018.. Interesting theories there..


So what you’re trying to say is that Netta (Nimrodi) is taking her MeeKeeChoo home?


Just when I read the sentence under the title (“even in the darkness of the club, sue can see the light”), I knew that it was wrotten by William, I don’t know why, lol.


lol OMG I even listened to his voice inside my head!

Alex M

That photoshop though… You can blur the edges, you know.


They obviously wanted her to pop out instead of blend in 🙂