She was the first 100% confirmed artist for Eurovision 2018, and tomorrow she’ll finally take to the Altice Arena stage for her first rehearsal. But before Belgium’s SENNEK departed for Lisbon, she enjoyed a farewell party of sorts on the Flemish talk show Van Gils & Gasten.

During the Thursday 26 April broadcast, the “A Matter of Time” songstress was joined by commentator Peter Van de Veire along with fellow Eurovision 2018 star Waylon from The Netherlands. Meanwhile, many of her IKEA-colleagues sat in the audience to support her.

SENNEK is more than ready for her big Eurovision adventure.

During the talk show, videos were shown from Sennek’s last day at work before her seven-week unpaid-break. It was far from an ordinary day in IKEA. Former Belgian participant Tom Dice, who finished sixth for Belgium in 2010, dropped by to reprise “Me And My Guitar” especially for Sennek over the store’s intercom. He also gave her a few tips on how to prepare for the big stage in Lisbon.

Running over some other entries

Commentator Peter Van de Veire was asked about Belgium’s chances at the 2018 contest.

The country is currently ninth in the odds, so he feels SENNEK should be comfortable and not worry too much. Of her competitors, he highlighted the big favourite Netta and returning artists Alexander Rybak and Waylon, the latter of which happened to be the surprise guest.

“A lot of people have their opinion about the festival, some of them find it rather ridiculous while others really enjoy watching it, but it is what you make of it yourself. It is a stage where you may and can give your own interpretation on”, said the ex-Common Linnet.

It was all love in the room, as Sennek confirmed that Waylon is one of her strongest contenders, while the “Outlaw In ‘Em” crooner praised “A Matter Of Time”, calling it a beautiful song that deserves to be ranked in the top ten with the oddsmakers.

At the end of the show, Sennek performed a very special version of “A Matter Of Time”  under the guidance of co-songwriter Maxime Tribeche and the National Orchestra of Belgium.


Sennek’s radio station tour

Sennek spent the following day, Friday, rehearsing and visiting radio stations MNM, Q-Music and Studio Brussel. Each time, she delivered a stripped back version of her song.

Sennek “A Matter Of Time” at MNM

Sennek “A Matter Of Time” at Q-Music

Poll results: What is your favourite Benelux entry at Eurovision 2018?

Aside from appearing together on chat shows, SENNEK and Waylon were also locked in battle in our best of Benelux poll.

Both are in the top 15 with the bookies. But in the end, Belgium’s Sennek emerged on top with 985 votes (63,47%). The Netherlands’ Waylon finished someway back with a tally of of 567 votes (36,53%).

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it’s becoming a tradition that the Belgian entries perform stripped versions of their songs before heading to the contest… I like these, because they show a lot better what they can do than some cell phone footage of a preparty…


I’d rather see Iceland on the final than those two. They are equally terrible, especially that fake cowboy.


Look in the mirror and you see something terrible and fake…


They both suck hard, but the Dutch sucks harder!


I guess those videos make it clear that Sennek is a wonderful singer and can for sure perform live. It’s just a matter of (wait for it) managing her nerves, especially for the first notes on the chorus.


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waylon aesthetic= dutch equivalent of hilbilly weaboo XD


I think this proves how well she can sing




But the question remains Waylon… Wha’ Ha’ Happened With Ilse DeLange? 🙂


Love them both, Very nice to see how they like eachother. I am pretty sure they both will end up in the top 10 in the final.

Roy Moreno

Well, they definitely deserve to, at least 😛
They are both so talented with great songs

Henrikh Mugosa

The thing is that are so many songs deserving to finish in the TOP10 that the TOP10 has to stretch into a TOP15, TOP20 even. 🙂


If I had to guess on it, I think Belgium will finish somewhere between 3rd and 6th

And Netherlands will get 11th place for the third year in a row