The semi-finals are getting closer by the day, giving acts less and less time to refine their presentations. So Australia’s Jessica Mauboy, Georgia’s Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao and Poland’s Gromee & Lukas Meijer dived right into their second rehearsals, keen to get in as much practice as possible. Tops? Flops? Let’s discuss…

Reaction: Australia, Georgia and Poland

Australia: Jessica Mauboy with “We Got Love”

The central visual in Jessica Mauboy’s performance is a series of lights that emit from a vertical axis. It represents the energy radiating from Jess herself and connotes the power each of us have to spread love and positive vibes. The theme continues with her dress, which features largely purple sequins, which reflect that energy and hug her tightly — showing off her strong, hourglass figure. Energy gives us life, and Jessica is most definitely alive.

The previous rehearsal grew a tad boring at times. They’ve broken up the monotony, particularly in the final minute, with some very fast camera cuts that are frenetic and pacy. It gives the close real drive and vigour. A particularly nice shot comes when the screen goes grey-white and we Jess’ silhouette as she whips her hair back. Killing it. The middle minute still seems a bit sluggish. But at least the camera focuses more on Jess now, zooming in on that face and her fluid dance moves. SBS is, no doubt, going to adjust and refine this section to make sure the energy remains.

Vocally Jessica wasn’t her best today — she wobbled noticeably, especially with that note at the end. With other acts we might worry. But we know how consistent Jess is, so we’re sure the voice will come back to life when it matters.

Jessica Mauboy, “We Got Love”: Performance Preview

Georgia: Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao with “For You”

If you liked the first rehearsal then you’ll like this. Nodding to the “music isn’t fireworks” mantra, Ethno-Jazz band Iriao keep things pure and simple. They stand in a line with little to no choreography, nailing their harmonies with each run-through. It’s a slow build, but the final minute remains very high impact owing to their crescendo, the introduction of stronger beats and that lovely instrumental.

Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao, “For You”: Performance Preview

Poland: Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer with “Light Me Up”

Ahead of their first rehearsal Poland made much of the fact that TAP had lost their luggage. But today, with their luggage now in tow, it became clear that hadn’t lost that much. Everyone looked identical to how they did the other day, with the exception of Lukas who sported an elaborate silver neckpiece.

The performance was totally on-point and sleek. The dark space is illuminated by purple accent lights, creating a funky club vibe that fits with the song’s upbeat tone and feel. After their first rehearsal fans said “it’s definitely going to the final.” Now they’re asking how high it will climb. Another sound performance.

Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer, “Light Me Up”: Performance Preview

Malta: Christabelle with “Taboo”

Christabelle, one of the few acts to have brought her own LED, has given her performance more drive and vigour. The middle minute now explodes with lasers and all manner of lights. They’re throwing the entire kitchen sink at this, but also the fridge and washing machine. Thankfully the futuristic feel — think Matrix — brings it all together to form something cohesive and oh-so-now.

The central structure — a series of LED panels with a dancer in the middle — was more powerful today. The images of dancers fighting their inner demons are sharper on the screens, helping to convey the idea of mental illness and internal pain. At one point Christabelle “controls” or “tames” the female dancer in the middle of the panels. The camera shots make that much more clear this time around. It’s powerful.

Finally, the on-screen heart that appears on Christabelle’s chest at the beginning of the performance is bigger and bolder. Given the size, it doesn’t matter if it’s slightly out of position. The heart fits and Christabelle wears it well.

Christabelle, “Taboo”: Performance Preview

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Photos: Thomas Hanses (EBU)

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Malta to win .


do not like Australia in comest its abouth time the ebu kick them out for good

Australia: To me, this isn’t good or bad, it’s just….in the middle. And I’m talking about both the song and the staging for the performance. To me…this just seems like something I’d forget about. I’ll make the final, …but I personally am not sure if I feel that it should or not… Georgia: It’s simple and it has class, …but that might work against these guys since a lot of viewers are expecting excitement and whether or not people enjoy their song is really a hit or miss. I doubt this will qualify but I think Georgia can at least… Read more »

There’s always vile comments on any article mentioning Australia or Sweden but some of the comments below body-shaming Jess Maubouy are a new low point. Wiwibloggs should disclose which countries these users come from.


agree! the fat comments are low. i’ve always thought of jessica as a positive role model for young girls in australia cause she doesn’t look and dress like a tart. people are just awful i guess

Miss Uncongeniality

OMG, i didn’t know that big mama disguised as a disco ball was representing Australia… what an disgustingly cheap and ordinary performance and dance routine from big mama


Excuse me??!!??!!


Would it kill you guys to wrote equal-length reviews for everyone? Bias MUCH!


Australia…OMG. Desperate performance.


Jessica Maboy’s thighs look riddiculous and unpleasant.
Why did anyone tell her that she looks… fat.


She looks great, stop body shaming! I guess to you Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Monica Bellucci also look “fat”. If you don’t like it then don’t watch

Anthony de France

Australia will be a huge flop this year

I never found Jessica’s voice to be that amazing nor strong tbh. I always feel every time when there are the big notes, her voice sounds it’s holding back, like it’s not that “open”, something is blocking from to be really loud and clear. Her voice is peculiar and you can tell that it’s Jessica’s voice, but for me it’s not that special. So overall I’m not that surprised about her today’s slip up. To improve she just needs to “dance” (as a dancer myself it was so cringy to watch) less, apparently she’s not that good in holding her… Read more »

Australia: I never liked the song, and now the whole thing is looking underwhelming. Uninspired staging, her dress isn’t flattering and even Jessica sounded off on this snippet. She’ll be better on the semi, the staging probably not.
Georgia: They sound amazing and the camera work is ellegant. A very respectable entry.
Poland: Everybody will forget this is a competition and just have fun for 3 minutes. On Thursday and on Saturday.
Malta: The dancer seems very distracting. Also the camera keeps cutting before we see what’s happening.

Australia – In my opinion, this is really bland. The song is okay but it’s not really that special. The staging and choreography also seem to be quite boring. I’m afraid that this is going to get many points just because it’s Australia. I don’t have anything against Jessica, but I think there are other artists who deserve high position. Georgia – I actually quite like it. It’s not my favorite and I know some people will find it boring but they are doing their thing and at least it feels very authentic. Poland – I’m Polish so I can… Read more »

totaly out of topic

Duett between Felix Sandman & Benjamin Ingrosso.
and.. live…


Åh, vad kul.


i am surprised. poland look really good :-O


Meanwhile, did anyone else check out Gromme’s third leg during Poland’s rehearsal run-through? The gravitational pull was so strong that I’m already booking a flight to Lisbon to light that sausage up. #jesustakethewheel


heyyyy!! indeed!!!! :-)))))))))


Omg you guys 😀 Gromee’s “snake dance” just got a whole new meaning 😉


About Jessica not being vocally strong today, don’t worry. We’ve all seen she’s a great singer. She is probably saving energy for next week. Georgia is fine, but nothing special. They didn’t change much this time. Poland was great again. I get Norway 2017 vibes. Modern, up-beat and it creates a good mood. Malta looked the same as the previous time. Not changes.

There are no words to describe just how disappointed I am in Jessica Mauboy. Her vocals were all over the place, especially during the high note. I think it’s time she accepts the fact that she can’t sing anymore. It would explain why she’s moved onto an acting career in Australia. Her voice isn’t what it used to be. She’s losing it. Either her back up singers pull their weight by giving Jessica’s voice a boost, or Australia can expect a non-qualification, or a low score in the Grand Final. As for the stage — it’s all over the place!… Read more »

The question is, will the juries have the decency of not awarding this act a qualification ticket?! Could it be possible? Televoting alone might not be enough.


I hope Australia can do better next week because it was in my TOP 5 before rehearsals. Good luck !!!


Poland- very nice, good atmosphere, I like it.
Georgia- it could surprise!
others- no

Frau Loch

Vocally a bit wobbly? Her voice was all over the place. I was in the arena and at some stage covered my ears. Australia’s worst entry so far. Oh well you can’t be top 10 every year?


As of this writing, Poland’s video appears twice in the article (the other one is where Georgia’s should be).


Australia: She slays the stage but could have been better. Why is the stage so dark for a positive song??
Georgia: Thanks but no thanks.
Poland: The studio version is good, not sure if live performance does it justice
Malta: Think we can count Malta out!?


Poland made a perfect party. I am very positively surprised. Malta was good too. I was disappointed on Australia. They can do it better ;c


Australia: Jessica is carrying the song all by herself. The staging is boring and her outfit is terrible. Wonder if the juries will push this through even she gets out of tune during the juy semifinal.

Georgia: I like it. But now I see that they are out. Georgia 2016 isn’t happening again.

Poland: Qualifiers since the beginning.

Malta: Just like Australia, calling SOS jury. The staging is better tho.

No Pea Brain

Your comments are so long and boring. And you just keep leaving them on every post. God, really cannot stand self centre Italian b!tch like you who just have to let the world know what your pea brain thinks. Now I know the meaning of human [email protected]


I’m glad you have found the meaning of your life 🙂