Robbie Williams landed on Eurofans’ radar earlier this week when BBC Radio DJ Scott Mills claimed that the “Feel” hitmaker was “considering” a run at Eurovision.

And now the singer has added more fuel to the fire during an Instagram live chat with an Israeli fan Adi Youzefovitch.

Williams, who appeared in the Live chat with his father, brought up the topic of Eurovision around the 1:15 mark, asking the teenager, “Were you excited to win the Eurovision Song Contest?”

She was, leading her to ask him what he thought about Netta Barzilai’s winning entry “Toy”.

“I loved it,” he said before making chicken noises and imitating some of Netta’s other sounds. “I liked that bit.”

Adi then asks whether he’ll come to Eurovision. The “come” is slightly ambiguous — does it mean compete or simply attend? Either way, this is Robbie’s response:

“I don’t think i will — not next year because I’ve got nothing to promote. If I had something to promote I would appear on it. But I won’t be doing anything in Europe next year.”

Once again, there’s a great deal of ambiguity here. “Appear on it” could simply mean “make an appearance” — like as an interval. Or it could imply competing, which would dovetail nicely with Scott Mills’ recent public statements.

Either way, it’s clear that Robbie is a Eurovision fan and that he’d be keen to chat with the BBC should he have new material to promote in the years ahead.

He’s known to be a big fan of Israel. Y Net reports that when the singer visited the country three years ago, he had nothing but love for the sunny country.

“I wanted to reach Israel more than anywhere else in the world,” he’s quoted as saying.

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11 Comments on "Robbie Williams says he won’t appear at Eurovision 2019 because he has “nothing to promote”…but says he LOVED Netta’s “Toy”"

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He should do Eurovision! Why not Robbie 🙂


But he wanted to represent Russia in Ukraine, after Julia dq.

Nancy G

Your comment doesn’t make very much sense. If you watch the video above you’ll see it is clear that Robbie HAS considered Eurovision and wants to go when he has material. Also, the earlier article on this web site was reporting what Scott Mills said. That’s not speculating. That’s reporting a public statement someone made. If you’re going to call people out, you should try to be more precise with your language. BYE!


It seems like you’re the “troll” here, also calling her a “skank” and saying that she “turn to defense but end up proving your stupidity instead” is quite ironic here

Btw, not only Wiwibloggs speculated it, other Eurovision websites also reported his consideration to represent UK next year


If the official website is what you think that reports such information, then have you seen any artist speculations being reported by the official website? They’re mostly being reported by websites like Wiwibloggs, so you are the person who should get your facts straight before making a comment.

FYI, I’m 16 (and turning 17 in September) so don’t make assumptions as an argument if you don’t know me.


Sent him to Sweden for a day or two and he will come home whith something! ; )


That sounds like a hit Kalle! Think ESC need a song about surströmming performed by Robbie Williams 2019.


He has nothing to promote so he won’t make an guest appearance like Justin Timberlake – that’s fair enough – but if was to actually represent the UK I would expect him to do it for the love of country, for the fun of it, because he loves the event itself – not just to sell his latest single.

Frank II

I didn’t know he loved so much Israel as a country and also Eurovision. Good to know <3


No. It was him who asked her about it first. He has mentioned the contest on several occasions over the years, so please get your facts straight.


This is how people should be! loving and respecting with 0 hate toards an artist or a song !! waylong salvador and this “comedian” from the netherlands can learn a thing or two from Robbie