wiwibloggs is the world’s most-visited independent web site devoted to the Eurovision Song Contest. Recognising that Eurovision is not just a one-night event, we provide daily news and analysis on Eurovision and its artists, both past and present, and the broader europop scene. In the run-up to Eurovision in May, our correspondents crisscross the continent providing breathless commentary and on-the-ground reporting from concerts, music festivals, promotional events and national selection contests.

Established in 2009, the web site has developed a cult following thanks to its unique take on pop music. We are fast, opinionated and youth-orientated, which has helped us strike a chord with millennial readers, who crave authenticity, and with pop stars, who benefit from our scale and reach, and who see our web site as a music discovery platform for our tens of thousands of devoted followers. Our staff now includes more than 60 volunteer writers, editors, videographers and graphic designers in 30 countries from Australia to Spain to Russia.

In April 2015, wiwibloggs won Arts & Culture Blog of the Year in the National UK Blog Awards. Judged by an independent panel of leading journalists, artists and other British luminaries, this honor recognizes wiwibloggs as the top blog in the United Kingdom across arts, culture and entertainment.

Target audience and reach

Eurovision remains the world’s most-watched non-sporting event, attracting 204 million viewers in 2016. Eurovision artists are among the biggest stars in their respective markets and command huge sway over the music charts.

We generate discussion and engagement through our web site, YouTube channel and social media platforms, and through our own branded events.


Our brand’s main hub is the web site at wiwibloggs.com. In the year leading to May 20, 2016, the web site saw 3.14 million users (7.5 million sessions) reading more than 17.5 million pages.

The top ten countries to visit wiwibloggs are (in order): United Kingdom, Spain, United States, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Malta and Greece.

YouTube channel

In the past year our YouTube channel has generated 15.3 million views. It now counts more than 20,000 subscribers and is the only independent Eurovision web site with a verification badge.

The top ten countries to visit our YouTube channel are (in order): Spain, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, Germany, United States, Armenia, Greece and the Netherlands.

Social media

wiwibloggs currently counts more than 71,000 Facebook fans, 17,400 Twitter followers and 15,800 Instagram followers. We have the highest follower count of any independent Eurovision site on each of these social networks — and by some distance. We are also the only independent Eurovision site with a verified badge on Twitter.


Building on our online following, wiwibloggs staged the first-ever Wiwi Jam at Stockholm’s Hard Rock Cafe in May 2016. The evening of live music featured leading acts from Russia, Sweden and 13 other countries, and gave our readers a chance to meet our bloggers and the personalities behind our popular YouTube channel. The 700 available tickets sold out within hours, and the concert was the #1 trending event on billetto.se, Sweden’s leading ticketing web site.

wiwibloggs in mainstream media

Mainstream international media across print, radio and television regularly turn to wiwibloggs for expert commentary and analysis.

Among other outlets, we have been featured by ABC Radio in Australia; the BBC, CNBC, the Financial Times and the Guardian in the United Kingdom; and CBS, CNN, Newsweek, the New York Times, Time and the Washington Post in the United States. Visit our press page to see some of our recent coverage.

Our editor, William Lee Adams, has spoken on a number of high-level Eurovision panels, including discussions at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the European Union in Vienna, and he was the only Eurovision blogger invited to speak at the official Eurovision 60th anniversary conference in London. In April 2014, he presented a primetime Eurovision package on CNN, which has a median primetime viewing audience of 654,000.

In May 2016, Sveriges Television — Sweden’s state broadcaster — hired wiwibloggs to commentate on its three-episode Eurovision pre-show, watched by two million people and featuring some of the country’s biggest musical acts.

Google Analytics, Year Ending May 2016

wiwibloggs traffic visitors

Google Analytics, Week of Eurovision 2016

The site averaged 249,443 page views per day during the week of Eurovision 2016. 


YouTube Analytics, May 2016

wiwibloggs youtube views

Contact wiwibloggs


Office phone: +44 (0)7794 351243

Team Wiwi welcomes corrections, news tips, promotional materials and advertising enquiries. You can contact us on the e-mail addresses listed below. Please CC: wiwi [dot] bloggs [at] gmail.com on ALL correspondence.

Corrections: william [at] wiwibloggs.com

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Write for us: If you would like to join Team Wiwi as a blogger, photographer, graphic designer or social media guru, please review the application process and get in touch.

Celebrating five years

In May 2014, we celebrated our fifth anniversary. Eurovision stars past and present kindly sent us video messages to mark the occasion. You can watch our favourites below.

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Hi,wiwibloggs!Please tell me until what time we can vote on Next Top Model!Please answer urgently!Uhhh…:)))

Ab van Woudenberg

How is it possible that Israel didn’t go through ? Should have ended with the best three songs! No notes missing and technically and emotionally of the highest level! Together with Danmark (and some others) a potential winner…. May this have something to do with politics ?


here is a live performance by Cascada in the German TV on 07.05.2013.



Why hasn´t the New Icelandic Video been published here ? CHECK THIS OUT http://www.vodafone.is/eurovision2012 – GO ICELAND

Le Femme Nikita

Wiwi is pure brilliance and hottness! I love your blog. It totally keeps me in the know!


Hey, Wiwi…I would like to know something about your feeling concerning the final and the winner…Did you vote for the final predictions? 😉

Octavio Occitone

wiwi, you are SO hot and SO slinky and So lithe and SO frrrresh. i wanna piece of you sweet baby


I’m so proud I introduced you to Eurovision! And so pleased that I’m supporting Greece. Sakis is a Mediterranean Nathan Fillion, yum. And you can bet that when I’m in Greece this summer I’ll be picking up a copy of Nitro.