Irish Eurosong Eurovision Acts 2015

The Wiwi Jury—our in-house panel of music un-professionals—have been spending a lot of time in Dublin. That’s because we’re currently reviewing the contestants competing in Ireland’s Eurosong 2015. Over the next week each member of the jury will offer his or her critique of each song, and then award it a score out of 10. The scores will then be averaged for the Wiwi Jury Verdict. The jury consists of panelists from America, New Zealand, Britain, Iceland, Russia, the Netherlands, and of course, Ireland. We are real international, y’all!

As always, we will be making our predictions ahead of each show. The Wiwi Jury Verdict will count for half of the score, while the other half will consist of votes earned in our ongoing Eurosong 2015 poll. It’s all about bringing together your favourites, and ours. Just click on the song title below to read our reviews. And where applicable, click on the artist’s name to read our interviews.


  1. Erika Selin“Break Me Up” (8.15)
  2. Nikki Kavananagh – “Memories” (7.35)
  3. Molly Sterling – “Playing With Numbers” (5.7)
  4. Kat Mahon“Anybody Got A Shoulder” (5.2)
  5. Alex Saint and the MJ’s – “She’s So Fine” (2.95)


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Nikki for the win!!