Sakis Rouvas

On November 15, audiences at the Thessaloniki Film Festival will be the first to see Greek Eurovision star Sakis Rouvas take to the big screen in Duress. Sakis plays Abner Solvie, a sociopath who kidnaps a small girl and coerces her father to commit various crimes to save her. Nasty Sakis!
Jimmy Kehoe, one of the movie’s screenwriters, describes Sakis’ character as a nightmare “made of flesh, and one who just happens to be handsome.” Wiwi could not agree more! Have you seen Sakis shirtless? If not, click here.

Sakis, of course, is no stranger to the big screen. Two years ago he made his acting debut in the Greek film Alter ego. He’s also starred in several commercials for Greek television.

Trailer for Duress:

Sakis Rouvas in Alter ego:

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11 years ago

I don’t care if Sakis can act. As long as he removes his shirt I am there. LOVE YOU SAKIS! Wiwi: I need you to find more pics of him!!

11 years ago

Sakis, I want to make so much love to you it hurts.