The music is the same, but the visuals just got a whole lot more modern.

During tonight’s first semi-final of Festivali I Këngës, Albania’s national selection contest, the European Broadcasting Union will debut the new introduction that precedes all Eurovision selection contests across Europe. Countries have the option of using it during events this year, but the EBU will make it mandatory from 2012.

Here’s the old one, set to Charpentier’s Te Deum:

Now here’s the new one. It’s still set to Te Deum, but the graphics are more modern and build on the Eurovision heart logo which was introduced in 2004.

Just for fun here’s a re-mix:

And because Eurovision fans are classical music fans, here is Charpentier’s Prelude Te Deum in full:

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11 years ago

This new intro won’t be used for Eurovision Song Contest shows, only for National Finals and semi-finals shows ! The Eurovision Song Contest will keep the animated inftro used since 2009.