Eldar & Shakira…err…Nigar

Azerbaijan staged its national final this evening and the jury was clearly feeling greedy. Rather than choosing just one singer, they’ve gone for two. Eldar Gasimov will perform a duet with Shakira look-a-like Nigar Jamal.

Wiwi watched the final live on eurovision.tv and the audience looked seriously bored. Here’s a screen grab. Where are the smiles? Andreas, who was also watching the live stream, chimed in to say that the audience members looked like they were receiving some sort of punishment.

Bored audience in Baku

The music suggested pain as well. Aynishan Guliyeva—singing in English as a Second or Third Language—butchered Kejsi Tola’s “Carry Me in Your Dreams” from the 2009 contest, at times forgetting her lyrics. And Ilhama Qasimova botched Spain’s 2009 entry “La Noche Es Para Mi.” Wiwi didn’t like that song the first time around, and he hated it even more in the hands of an amateur! As Ilhama screamed “Take me! Shake me!” you just wanted to say “No, thank you.”

Wiwi wonders if the outcome was already pre-determined. After they were announced as the winners, Eldar and Nigar took to the stage. He performed Laura Fabian’s “Je t’aime” and then they broke out into a duet complete with harmonies and brash vocal interjections. It almost seemed rehearsed! Hmmm… Anyway, you can check out footage of them from the semi-finals below.

Eldar singing Harel Skaat’s Milim (Words) during the Azeri pre-selection:

Nigar singing during the semis:

Nigar tackles Cheryl Cole’s “Fight for this Love”:

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12 years ago

Eldar and Nikki were awesome!

crazy boy
crazy boy
12 years ago

conguratlations! i like this music and ell & nikki