By now you’ve all watched the video of bitter old Johnny Logan putting down Ireland’s Jedward. (If you haven’t, he basically says Ireland should be embarrassed that it’s sending the eccentric twins to Eurovision). And you’ve probably also read in the Irish Independent that John and Edward had no clue who the hell 56-year old Logan was.

“Who’s Johnny Logan? Is he a jockey?” the paper reports John as asking at an event in Dublin on Wednesday.

Edward admitted he’d never heard of Logan, who won Eurovision for Ireland three times.

“I think that anyone who hates on people that are younger than them, they just want to be younger,” he said. “If people start hating on you or start saying, ‘oh don’t do that,’ you know you’re doing something right.”

Put-downs and comebacks aside, whose Eurovision entry do you prefer? Does Johnny Logan’s “What’s Another Year?”—which won the contest in 1980—still float your boat? Or are you more into Jedward’s electro-pop track “Lipstick”? Vote now! (You can check out the videos below if you need to refresh your memory). xoxo, Wiwi

Johnny Logan performs “What’s Another Year” at the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest:

Jedward perform “Lipstick” at the 2011 Irish Eurosong final:

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13 years ago

You, people, are mean. XD

13 years ago

johnny logan SUCKS