Wiwi still doesn’t know if he’s bewitched by Aurela Gaçe, or scared of her. But after watching her second rehearsal he knows this: Aurela can seriously sing!

During her interview with Eurovision.tv, she launched into a monologue about her unique look. “I need to have my face, right? I don’t wanna look like nobody else. I wanna look like myself and myself has something from Albania included.” Apparently people in Albania use blue house paint for eye shadow, and dye their hair with Kool-Aid. (Very Thea Garrett from Malta in 2010, non?). As for the staging, it creeps me out. The red lights remind me of some sinister vision of hell, and the “wings” on the LED screen resemble a dinosaur’s rib cage. I will be holding my neighbor’s hand tight during this performance…

Check out pics of Aurela and her face here.