Earlier today the contestants had one final chance today to work out any kinks ahead of tonight’s performance in front of Eurovision’s professional jury.  Wiwi and Vebooboo were on hand, and have identified the winners—and the losers.


– As always, Paradise Oskar’s voice was flawless. Finland chose wisely this year, as this boy continues to deliver.

– Denmark follows two slow songs and provides a welcome change of pace. The group performed the song perfectly and earned huge applause from
the audience of journalists.

– Hungary’s Kati Wolf was a bit shaky in the semi-final, but she has clearly gotten her groove back. Her voice was back to normal and she looked
a lot more confident.  The staging remains a bit WTF, but she’s making the best of it.

– Estonia’s Getter Jaani was pitchy during last night’s semi-final. Fortunately she’s regained control and her dancers have never been better.  For example, the dancer who does a backflip now holds off a bit longer so that it’s performed fully in front of the cameras.  We know bookmakers are pulling away from Estonia, but it may be a bit premature.  Having said that, she has the tough job of performing between Ireland and Sweden.


– Sweden’s Eric Saade will earn point for his looks and dancing. But if today’s rehearsal is anything to go by, he should trade one of those assets in for a voice. He was seriously shaky today.

– Russia’s Alexey Vorobyov donned a tank-top and approached the rehearsal very casually. He didn’t even turn on the LED jackets this time or practice his cheesy English interjections of “How do you feel tonight Dusseldorf?” Let’s hope his tactic to save energy works.

– The U.K.’s Blue had pitch problems throughout and the background music was way too loud, drowning out the vocals in some places.  We know lots of Europeans know the group, but will that be enough if they don’t deliver in the performance on the night? Lee Ryan has to carry this song and its success will depend largely on his vocals. Fingers crossed.

– Germany’s Lena actually had some vocal problems, which was quite surprising.  Her dance moves also seem kind of awkward, and it’s clear that that’s not where her talent lies.  But, as last year, that awkwardness becomes an appealing quirkiness on stage, and fits the mood of the song.

– Azerbaijan had tons of vocal problems today, particularly during the portion of the song later shown in the voting clip.  They have a great spot in the starting order (#19). If only they would capitalise on it!