Stella hits the dance floor on ‘Skal vi danse’

Stella Mwangi showed Europe she could get down to African rhythms at Eurovision 2011. Now the Kenya-born Norwegian is proving she can do the paso doble and samba, too.

The ‘Haba Haba’ singer is currently competing on  Skal vi danse (Shall We Dance?), Norway’s version of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

In an interview posted on the Shall We Dance web site ahead of the contest, Stella said she’s fond of dancing but has little to show for it. “I don’t have so many achievements to boast of, but I have danced a little African dance,” she said. “I am very fond of dancing, and I will be even happier when I know what I’m doing on the dance floor.” She sees it as a learning experience that will help her grow as a performer. “I want a dance teacher who is patient and friendly, yet rigorous and requires discipline. I want to learn the most dance so I can take her dance on in my career, and more dancing to my own music style.”

Here’s a video of her performing the cha cha:

And here’s a video of Stella performing the paso doble:

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