Montenegro’s Andrea Demirovic just missed the Eurovision final in 2009.

Since becoming an independent state in 2006, Montenegro has continuously ended up in the trash heap at the Eurovision Song Contest. They placed 22nd in their semi-final in 2007, 14th in 2008 and 11th in 2009. Sadly, the country pulled out of the contest in both 2010 and 2011 due to financial reasons.

Now it looks like change in leadership will see the return of Montenegro to the Eurovision stage! According to Rade Vojvodic, the new director of state broadcaster RTCG, the network will do everything in its power to source the funding required for a spot at ESC 2012. Vojvodic says it’s a pity not to promote the country’s musicians and not to see the Montenegrin flag in the contest. He also believes participation is more important than an artist’s final placement. Miss Kitty tips her hat to you, sir! Those are the words of a true (euro)visionary.

Momcilo Zekovic, a member of the council of RTCG, also supports a return—especially after learning that the fee quoted by the European Broadcasting Union is just 23,000 euros. He said that the figures mentioned in previous years ranged from 35,000 to 85,000 euros. Maybe if they promise not to use any pyro-technic lighting at the contest Eurovision officials will reduce their fee to 10,000?

Here’s a video of the country’s most successful (and most recent) Eurovision act from 2009. We still can’t get over how hot her dancer is! Just get out of my, out of my, out of my head….but do NOT get out of my bed!



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