Kristina came to Eurovision 2010 as one of the bookies’ favorites—but she ended up finishing 16th in her semi. The horror. She glued fake leaves on her ass to portray a sexy wood nymph and she still didn’t make the final. Anyway, she’s dusted herself off and is finally back with a new single called “Jablcko” (Little Apple).

The apple, of course, is a symbol of temptation in the bible. But in “Jablcko” it’s a symbol of love. That’s a good way to sum up the video: Kristina straddles the line between something innocent and something nasty. Although she wears white, she ain’t so innocent. Look at her legs, and look at how comfortable she is rolling around in the grass to ethno-trance electronica while a group of folk dancers lust after her. If the moves looks familiar that’s because the video clip includes the dance group Sluk, which performed on stage with Kristina in Oslo in 2010. You likey?


Kristina at Eurovision 2010:

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10 years ago

We need her back in Eurovision. Like, right now.