Does Sabina Babayeva want to play with Engelbert’s Humperdinck? That’s one of the many questions that came up while Wiwi was watching the following video released on Sabina Babayeva’s official YouTube channel. The three-minute clip, which traces Sabina’s steps from a concert at the Baku Jazz Club to Euroclub to rehearsals to the big night, gives us a glimpse of a woman in total control of herself. She exchanges gifts with Jedward, perhaps the most famous of this year’s competitors, and seems to swoon when Engelbert Humperdinck gives her a CD. We love how the video re-visits the voting segment, reminding Europe which countries gave Azerbaijan 12 points. Lithuania, Malta, Turkey and Ukraine: Azerbaijan will share some of its oil money with you when Europe collapses in a few weeks. As for the rest of you, good luck….