We are very happy to announce that Lys Assia, who has gone through a serious health scare recently, is recovering exceptionally well and will be present at Eurovision 2013 in Malmö.

Swedish television SVT has confirmed that Lys will land in Malmö on Tuesday, so she won’t miss any shows. Undoubtedly, all her fans will be relieved and the 89-year old Swiss will enjoy a very warm reception indeed.

Lys Assia was 32 when, in 1956,  she won the very first Eurovision contest for Switzerland with the song “Refrain”. She was later dubbed “Grand Dame of Eurovision” due to her life-long devotion to the contest and her many attempts to reclaim the trophy. Last year in Baku, she gave this lovely interview to Eurovision.tv, at the end of which she expressed her hope that she would be back in 2013 – and we are very glad that she is!

In Baku, she gave the following interview to wiwiblogger Deban Aderemi, stating that Switzerland should have sent HER to Eurovision instead of Sinplus. God love her!


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9 years ago

and after the Shows in Malmö she will fly to Düsseldorf.
Here she will be at the CSD and will make a show on stage for the motto “Generations of Love” at Sunday 19. Mai!