Each week we follow a random Eurovision star on Twitter and then compile a list of the things which we learned about them. Last week it was Ryan Dolan, who came bottom of the 2013 scoreboard. Now it’s the turn  of 2012 champion Loreen (@LOREEN_TALHAOUI). Here’s what we found out:

1. It would appear that these days you’re not a true popstar unless you have a name for your legion of fans. Lady Gaga calls hers Little Monsters, Justin Bieber is adored by the Beliebers and Loreen has her Warriors.

Loreen Warriors

2. Loreen may be an all conquering Eurovision megastar but that doesn’t mean she’s above canvassing for music award votes. As the saying goes “every vote counts”.

3. Loreen may be a Eurovision fanatic. How do we know? Well, she suffers from symptom number 4 on the checklist for definite. Doctors have yet to confirm whether any of the other signs are present.

Loreen Wind

4. Loreen would appear to have a very busy schedule this autumn. She is due to perform in several cities right across Europe, including Amsterdam, Vienna, Gavle and Sopot. Surprisingly, in light of her support for Pussy Riot, she has also announced two Russian dates.

5. Being a Eurovision star brings with it great responsibility. Well that’s how it would appear anyways, as Loreen had a meeting with the Swedish Foreign Minister during the week. She has yet to tweet what they discussed. Although she did hint that she will be going on a trip.

Loreen Minister

6. Loreen is a bit of a tease. Instead of telling us outright where she’s off to, she left us this cryptic tweet. Already there has been much speculation as to where she’s planning to go. Some have suggested Afghanistan. Imagine if she was only intending on going to the cake shop, that would definitely be a major anti-climax!

7. Ever since her performance in Baku, many have seen Loreen as a fashion icon, but how exactly would you describe her style? Judging from this tweet Loreen would classify her look as “Heroin Chic”. Really? If you say so.

Loreen Heroin Chic

8. Loreen went to a Swedish boutique to do some shopping. Annoyingly she didn’t divulge what exactly she had bought. Initially, from the tweet, you might think she had purchased some tar. But I’ve checked the Swedish translation for tar and thankfully it means “takes”. Because not only would a paper bag full of tar be very messy and impractical, it would also be just plain weird.

Loreen Tar

9. Loreen occasionally likes to tweet the odd arty farty quote in Swedish which I don’t understand. Maybe some Swedish readers might help?

10. Over the week I noticed that while Loreen has thousands of followers, she only follows 14 other Twitter users herself. They include the Swedish Foreign Minister (they must be BFFs after their tea party), the Dalai Lama and some charities. The rest are all singers and bands – Imogen Heap, Bjork, Coldplay, Massive Attack, Bon Ivor, Lisa Gerrard and Sebastian Ingrosso. A diverse mix. I wonder if we can expect to see influences from, or maybe even collaborations with some of these acts in Loreen’s future work?

So there you have it, Loreen’s week in tweets. Which Eurovision star should we follow next? Let us know below. And read previous “A Week in Tweets” profiles here.

Padraig Jude contributed this report from Ireland. Follow him on Twitter at @PadraigJude. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

Photos: Loreen

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10 years ago


10 years ago

@Zachary YESSS that’d be amazing and the UK might finally have a chance lol

Zachary Thomas
10 years ago

Imogen Heap UK 2014 PLEASE!!!! 🙂