The rule of three says that things that come in threes are funnier and more satisfying than things that come in other groupings. Well we just let out a big LOL when we learned that Simon Webbe has become the third member of Blue to find himself in the red. Seriously: WHAT DO CELEBRITIES DO WITH ALL OF THEIR MONEY?!

Just weeks after we learned that Blue’s only bisexual member Duncan James had declared bankruptcy, and just months after Anthony Costa revaled that he was living on a £45-a-week budget, it has been revealed that Simon Webbe has also run out of cash. Webbe, 35, filed court papers on September 25, according to the BBC.

Joking aside, we really feel for Simon, Anthony and Duncan. Y’all need to take some tips from Lee Ryan, the only solvent member of the group. If any of y’all wanna throw some money Blue’s way, consider purchasing their latest album Roulette, available on iTunes.

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Photo: Blue

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8 years ago

Esto es un mensaje para el comentarista de BBC del 2012,seguro que tenia una cuenta en BANKIA,como te quedas graciosillo.He dicho

8 years ago

Alcohol, cruises, drugs, houses, whores, personal trainers (though not in Anthony’s case), more alcohol, cruises, drugs, houses, whores, and (we hope) songwriters. lol.

8 years ago

How the hell do you blow that much money?