The first heat of A Dal 2014 is now over. Hungary listened to the first 10 of this year’s 30 songs, and sent six of them through to the semi-finals. Performers were scored by the four-member jury and the top three automatically advanced. The lucky three were:

Viktor Király: Running out of time – 40pts
Marge: Morning light – 36 pts
Leslie Szabó: Hogy segíthetnék? – 35 pts

After that the lines were opened and the viewing audience decided on the next three acts. Democracy in action! The next acts to go through to the semis were:

Ibolya Oláh: Egy percig sztár
Group ’N’ Swing: Retikül
Depresszió: Csak a zene

Next week another 10 artists will compete. Among them is Kállay Saunders András, an A Dal veteran who has emerged as a favourite with this song “Running”. It’s a deep song with an important message, and you can preview it here.

Who impressed you the most tonight? Let us know in the comments box below!

 Judit Sebok contributed this report from Hungary. Follow her on Twitter at @sjudy03 You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

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Melissa J
7 years ago

Bummed that I missed watching the first heat, and they don’t seem to have it up anywhere on the A Dal site. From the live performance clips, it looks like Group N Swing had a fun and entertaining act. Kind of sad Extensive didn’t get through but rock isn’t a genre that does well in Eurovision. I do like all the acts that got through!

7 years ago

I’m gutted I couldn’t watch A Dal this week cause of bad stream & no stream on the MTV site 🙁 Great that Marge made it! Also shocked about Laura, but I guess something went wrong with her performance?

7 years ago

I’m very surprised Laura Cserpes didn’t make it through. However, my two favourites of this heat, Viktor Király and Marge made it through so I’m happy about that.