Last night the Wiwi Jury – our in-house panel of musical unprofessionals – headed to beautiful Norway for some cross-country skiing and more importantly a review of the first of the fifteen acts competing in Melodi Grand Prix 2014: Hilda & Thea Leora with their song Best Friend’s Boyfriend. Were we blown away by their song or left wishing we’d spent more time skiing? Read on to find out.

Hilda & Thea LeoraDeban:

Sounding like a duet that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift would have recorded at the start of their careers, Hilda and Thea turn up the volume on this bubblegum number. Although I would’ve preferred a more serious approach to the song contest,one can’t dispute that what’s worth doing is worth doing well. ” Best Friend’s Boyfriend” is slick, well polished,  the vocals are crisp and the instrumentation is modern. This would play well on any radio station in any part of the world.

Score: 7.5/10


Aww I really like this! Their voices are great, and despite the song being totally cheesy, it’s so much fun! It’s a cross between the Saturday’s “Disco Love” and something Hannah Montana would sing in her hayday. It’s far from a winning song but a karaoke classic and gives us the sprinkle of glitter we all want!

Score: 6/10


I can imagine that this song is probably right now the anthem of every Norwegian preteen and teenager right now. I mean, yes, it’s catchy, but come on. There has to be a different song topic than falling for your best friend’s boyfriend (to quote Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls, “it’s, like, the rules of feminism”). Find your own boy toy (may I recommend the guys from Finland this year?). This song is nearly as sappy as nearly every teen rom-com ever released. It surpasses Grease for Pete’s sake. Also, that violin bit is useless. Add a violin when it’s needed, not when you are having your 17-year-old existential crisis and want to think that your song has meaning because of a distinct instrument.

Score: 3/10


It’s quite a typical pop song, something you’d probably hear on Disney. But it’s nothing really new or amazing. The melody is nice, but the lyrics are very simple.

Score:  5/10


This is a Demi Lovato song through and through. Guitar-underscored, strong over-production and fundamentally saccharine ‘Best Friend’s Boyfriend’ is too light-weight to be of any consequence. The sister’s sound great but they also sound electronic and I can’t help but think that’s an accident of over-eager use of auto-tuning rather than intended effect. There’s no hope of this making it out of the semi-final.

Score: 3.5/10

Wiwi Jury Verdict: 5/10.

You can keep track of all our reviews of MGP 2014 and the standings of the acts here. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

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9 years ago

With 4 songs Norway have chance to be in TOP 15 in final

Linnea Dale for Norway, only with her Norway wili be in TOP 5 and 100 % in TOP 10.
With Carl Espen – Norway wili be in TOP 10 , from 6 to 10 place in final, result like France many votes from juries and small points from televote.
With MO – Norway in final , place from 8 to 12 place
With Elisabeth Carew – Norway in final, place from 10 to 15 place

9 years ago

Timbre or Charlie for Norway :3

9 years ago

norway will come last this year

9 years ago

Silent Storm is the best option in Norway, but still not good.