Nordic wet dream: Finland’s 2010 winners Kuunkuiskaajat

Back in 2010, Finnish folk duo Kuunkuiskaajat won the public’s hearts with “Työlki ellää”. They placed sixth in the first semi-final televote, but were tripped up en route to the final by the juries. Boooooo. Now Johanna Hytti and Susan Aho need the help of the public again, as they are looking for donations to get their new album recorded.

A dolla makes them holla—and so will a euro or a pound or a Moldovan lei. But this isn’t a one-sided affair. If you donate 15 euros, you’ll receive a download link for the upcoming album before it’s released. If you donate 1500 euros, you get a private concert in your own living room! We’re not kidding.

So far they have collected over 4,000 euros, but they need at least 15,000 euros to record the CD. You have until the end of May to help the ladies out. You can read more about the prizes and how to donate here.

I guess they were right when they sang, “working is a way to make a living, but you get rich by trading.” It gets your album out, too.

 contributed this report from Finland. Follow him on Twitter @ssami_. You can also keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following on Twitter and Facebook.


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8 years ago

If I had €1500 to spare, I would want them in my sitting room!

8 years ago

I’d rather this than Softengine