Tinkara has been busy, y’all! After her musical trysts at Eurovision, where she placed 25th in the Grand Final, many expected her to spend some quiet time with her flute. But that ain’t happening! Instead Tinkara has hit the road in the name of food and flowers.

On May 17th, she participated in two different events. She took part in the Slovenia “Food Revolution Day” in Izola, which was organized by Drustrvo Planet Zemlja (The Planet Earth Society). Later that day she visited the Third Festival of Roses in Portoroz, where guests, including local celebrities, plant roses in a flowerbed. She received a white rose as a gift—a tradition at the show. Word on the street says that she has planted hers in her backyard.

Photo courtesy of Planet Zemlja

Flowers won’t slow her down. She’s also performed at the 65th Anniversary of Radio Koper, and on May 31st she will take to the stage at the 16th Festival Mesto Mladih (City of the Youth Festival), organized by the Student Society of Nova Gorica in, well, Nova Gorica.

There’s more. On June 21 she will pull out her flute at the annual “Poletna No” (Summer Night) concert in Ljubljana. Other Slovenian Eurovision representatives, such as Nuša Derenda from 2001, Anzej Dezan from 2006, Eva Boto from 2012, and Tinkara’s backing vocalists, Manca Spik and Lea Sirk, will also be there. It’s a star-studded night of Slovenian Eurovision! Yowza!

We’re happy Tinkara is having a fruitful summer. Long may her garden grow.

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10 years ago

I watched an interview with her on some slovenian TV yesterday and tinkara said she didn’t like conchita’s attitude-apparently tinkara came to her and tried to introduce herself but conchita said something like “sorry, I don’t have the time, I have to pee!”