Turkish DJ Kaan recently released a new single called “Living It Up”.  The electronic hip-hop song features Kenan Dogulu, the Turkish Eurovision entrant from 2007, and Radio Killer, the noted Romanian dance group. For 40-year-old Kenan, the song marks a return to the English language after an extended break.

The video features the standard clichés about summer and consumption. We see expensive cars, plenty of flesh, and parties by the pool—on the boat and in the hotel room. It begins with a helicopter passing over the sea before cutting to Kenan driving an Audi. Kaan calls him from a boat, Kenan parks the car and starts a conversation next to the cliff. The song begins and you instantly know this is the first single devoted to summer in Turkey. Get your sun tan lotion and your dancin’ shoes…

Later this month Kenan plans to marry the beautiful Turkish actress Beren Saat. We wish them all the best!

Watch Kenen compete at Eurovision 2007. He placed fourth with “Shake it up”. 



Ton i i i i ight
We Doin What We Want
We Doin What We Like
We Gonna Have Some Fun
We Gonna Live Our Lives
Turn The Music Up
We Gonna Dance Al
Night, All Night
Cuz We Livin it Up
Can’t Nobody Do it Bigger Than Us
Name A Pretty Girl That isn’t With Us
We Livin it Up
First Class Who’s Sicker Than Us
And Makes More Cash Quicker Than Us
You Better Get On The Bus
Because We Headed To The Top
Party All Night We Ain’t Never Gonna Stop
Put Your Hands Up When You Hear
The Bass Drop Drop Drop, Hook
Tonight i’m Living it Up
And it Feels Good Doing What i Want
And i Don’t Give Damn What You Thinking
Cuz i Can Do Whatever i Want
All Night Looo Ong We Gonna Keep it Up
Untl The Berak Of Daaawn
Because it Feels So Good
I Know it Can’t Be Wroong
You Know The Vibe is Right
When Ypu Can Feel it Stroong
And i Feel it Ain’t Nobody
Tellin Me What To Do
What To Say Where To Go
I’m Livin it Up All Around The World
I’m international i Gotta Let You Know
I Do Whatever i Want Vip i’m Straight
To The Front Since Tomorrow
May Never Come Come Come
Tonight i’m Living it Up
And it Feels Good Doing What i Want
And i Don’t Give A Damn What You Thinking
Cuz i Can Do Whatever i Want
Cuz i Can Do Whatever i Want

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8 years ago

Really, perfect ????

8 years ago

This song was really good and belly dancers were really good. Kenan has a nice voice. He can use his voice clearly.

8 years ago

Kenan is one of the reasons why I miss Turkey in ESC, I miss turkish pop acts like Sertab and Hadise…

8 years ago

What happened to him?! Yuck!