Bosnia & Herzegovina may have withdrawn from Eurovision in 2013, but the nation is still on our minds. That’s mainly because of the lovely Maya Sar, who represented the country in 2012 and left us with a very good taste in our mouths. The pianist-singer has released the official video for “Milovanja,” and she’s sending you guys a bit of affection. The song means “Caresses” in English.

Maya wrote the song herself, and her husband Mahir Sarihodzic arranged it. She unveiled the song in Sarajevo at Club Monument. Here’s how Maya described the video:

I have to admit that this is my favorite video so far and I’m very proud. We shot for two days, one part is recorded in Tuzla, and the other part on the lake Modrac in town of  Lukavac. I worked with a proven team that was with me from my first appearance in public, and I’m very happy final outcome said Maya during the presentation.

In the video she appears on a boat which has damaged sails, by which we can conclude that she’s broken too. The piano and trumpet create a sorrowful atmosphere, and Maya feels every note and lyric. This is Maya at her finest.

Milovanja (Caresses) lyrics — Maya Sar

Where the music stops
That’s where the fear starts
When I find a kiss
Each trace is yours

And it bothers me at night
What do I need to know
Are you happier there
And careless

I’m getting closer
to that knowledge
That your caresses
are further away 

When I cry my  last tear
When I want you
In the peace of my madness
When I look for and do not find you

I’m getting closer
to the knowledge
That your careesses 
are further away