Summer is  here and Pastora Soler is most definitely ready to celebrate, judging by the recently released video for her new single, Vive!

In a marked change from her other singles post-Eurovision, Pastora goes up-tempo. The song talks about embracing the sun and embracing life—the title literally translates as ‘Live’. The bright video, which shows Pastora dancing in a field, is airy and uplifting.

Of course, you also get the flawless Pastora Soler vocals we’ve all come to expect. The video is perhaps the real revelation though. Shot on location in Alicante, Pastora sports a number of stunning outfits. It’s a change from some of the more static videos that she has put out for her other singles – Espérame  didn’t even get a video release.

It’s nice to see Pastora mix up the formula to prove that she isn’t just about the power ballads. This is poised to be a summer hit, but you also get the sense that there’s something slightly more to the song than the heat of summer.

After the worrying incident back in March where Pastora fainted in the middle of a concert, it’s good to see her back on her feet. And with lyrics talking about her being “the air” and enjoying life, it’s perhaps a mini-comeback message to those who wondered how she could recover from the incident.

She’ll no doubt perform Vive as she makes her return to live performances at Shangay Pride, where she’ll be in good company with other fellow ESC contestants – including Ruth Lorenzo and Conchita Wurst!

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7 years ago

Loved her at Eurovision and loving this. Xx

Paul D
Paul D
7 years ago

This woman is amazing, I really want her back in Eurovision !

7 years ago

Brillante Pastora Soler.