We met Vaidas Baumila during this year’s Lithuanian national selection and fell in love with his eyes, style, voice and everything in between. He may have finished last with his version of “Attention,” but it had class and would likely have fared much better than what Lithuania ultimately sent. Who the heck choose Vilija instead?

Vaidas is a well-established artist in Lithuania. However, for the past few years he has lived in London. Following Lithuania’s national selection, he’s keen to settle in his homeland and launch his domestic career. To mark this important mileston, he is planning a symbolic tour entitled “Coming home”. Concerts will take place in the Lithuanian cities of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, and Mariampoleje in mid-October.

Speaking to alfa.lt, Vaidas described his homecoming in these terms:

Nida, Lithuania is my home, where my people are. Of course, traveling across Europe, I have gained a wealth of experience — daily performances at the theater, another ‘English’ stage experience, helped me [grow as a performer], but I realized that I am a ‘family man.’ I love to travel, but to settle abroad for a longer period becomes a bit hard – I need a home.

His new single “Free love” confirms his sentiment. As he sings, “Where we could stay, where love will grow, a place we call home.” This acoustic ballad brings intimacy to a whole new level: the couple exchanges hugs and kisses, while guitars add a dose of melancholy. Vaidas has said the song is light and was easy to film. It has no hidden messages. It’s just a celebration of love.

Vaidas filmed the official video in just two days on a beach in the resort town of Nida. Vaidas’ cuddle buddy was the famous Lithuanian top model Laura Juozaityte.

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8 years ago

he is talented