We think our Eurovision stars are perfect the way they are. But occasionally artists like to brush themselves up using a convenient photo-filter system on their smartphone. In honour of ESC singers who know the difference between Sierra, Valencia and Hudson, we are pleased to present you with 15 of our favourite Eurovision Instagram accounts. Yes, we’ve gone through all of them so you don’t have to!

Please note: This list only represents a handful of our favourite accounts. We’ll feature more in the months ahead. If you’d like to have yours featured, please e-mail news [at] wiwibloggs [dot] com with INSTAGRAM in the subject line.

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15. Basim

Basim official Instagram account Eurovision

Pros: Varying use of filters. Obviously representative of the diversity of Denmark.

Cons: Basic. Bad selfies, weird subjects of his photos. He looks like a 13-year old.

14. Eric Saade

Eric Saade official Instagram account Eurovision

Pros: Posts fan videos instead of overrated food pics

Cons: I swear I saw the same promotional video 9 times in the first 4 rows alone. Why would you do such a thing?

13. Lena Landrut-Meyer


Pros: Cute selfies. Effort is made.

Cons: They all look similar. Versatility please, Lena.

12. Krista Siegfrids


Pros: Congrats on the variety—and the kitten.

Cons: About 75% of her poses have the “peace” hand signal and that just seems overdone.

11. Hadise


Pros: Attractive selfies and non-selfies. Very artistic. Very high fashion. We love the occasional Eurovision flashback.

Cons: Way too many selfies for every occasion. Less is more. Reign it in.

10. Conchita Wurst

conchita wurst official Instagram account Eurovision

Pros: Again, variety of selfies. Special applause for the selfie with the smiling person in the airplane behind her.

Cons: There wasn’t a selfie with the Eurovision trophy. WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING. CONCHITA?

9. Sirusho


Pros: Lots of pretty places, proud of her pregnancy.

Cons: Overuse of advertisements for her jewelry line. It gets boring after a while, and we still haven’t bought any.

8. RiskyKidd


Pros: Lots of hot pictures of friends, different angles of selfies.

Cons: There was a Jersey Shore meme on there. That cannot be forgiven.

7. Loreen Talhaoui


Pros: Very artsy subjects, and documentation of her current work. Thank you for updating us, Loreen.

Cons: She only uses one filter. ONE FILTER. It gets a bit bland.

6. Nikolas Raptakis


Pros: Again, very unique subjects. “Orange is the New Black” is featured

Cons: So many basic food pictures. Just put your phone down and eat.

5. Francois Djemel


Pros: Lots of attractive workout stuff and pictures of Paris. His eccentricity and originality shine through. We would happily live with him.

Cons: Some of the artsy stuff is a little much. Boring slice-of-life stuff is fine too!

4. Dima Bilan


Pros: That beard, artsy documentation of his works. We approve.

Cons: There are random articles on there. I came to Instagram to enjoy your beard and face, not to read.

3. Softengine


(For the purposes of fairness we grouped together the accounts of all of the members with public accounts)

Pros: Lots of shirtless selfies in bed with each other. It’s heaven. Good updates on their work. That gambling video on the official account with Topi is pure gold.

Cons: Not a lot of preparation goes into that. But that’s a taste thing.

2. Mandinga


Pros: It’s the perfect summer band Instagram. They obviously have a lot of fun with their account.

Cons: A little too much Elena. I would love to see more of the band, but she’s really pretty so it makes up for it. I mean, hello: the woman won our search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2012.

1. Margaret Berger


Pros: Bob’s Burgers reference, pics that advocate for LGBT rights, lots of very pretty selfies.

Cons: Absolutely none. Welcome to the most flawless Eurovision Instagram account.

Who has the best Eurovision Instagram account?

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You can read all of our lists by clicking here.

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9 years ago

LBGT rights? That does not matter!

9 years ago

Loreen <3

9 years ago

hahhaha Dima (the most hated eurostar- i will never understand that) is First in followers 😛 take that bitches!

9 years ago


9 years ago

It’s actually Meyer-Landrut, not the other way round

Day one (Marcus)
Day one (Marcus)
9 years ago

The only two I follow are Loreen and Conchita hehe :p

9 years ago

The very first picture that I posted on my own Instagram was liked by Safura (Azerbaijan 2010). Of ESC artists, I currently follow Sebalter

9 years ago

I followed Soraya for a while. She posts at least 30 times a day! It’s too much!

9 years ago

Let me just add a plus one. I do have an unhealthy obsession with Charlotte Perrelli, but her Instagram account is just great. She posts all kinds of stuff and her children are so cute. (@laperrelli)

9 years ago

great. I’ve already followed Margaret and Loreen now I added Lena and Nikolas 🙂

9 years ago

Great article, Francheska. Just turned on my wi-fi to follow some of them.